DXOMark: Sony’s A9 II Sensor Beats the 1DX II, Is Worse Than the A7 III

According to DXOMark, Sony’s A9 II sits 21st in their sensor database with an overall score of 93.

The Sony a9 II hit the shelves just in time for the upcoming 2020 Olympic games, but a few eyebrows were raised when the specs of the camera were released. The Sony a9 II uses the same sensor as the original a9, it has the same amount of AF points, the same base ISOs, the same screen and EVF, and, apart from a deeper grip, the camera is identical in appearance as well. The new Sony did feature an updated image processor, but how much difference has that made to the camera? Let’s find out after the break.

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Review: Sony A9 II (It Has Everything the Modern Pro Could Ever Need)

The Sony a9 II is every bit of a flagship camera, and honestly, it makes any type of photography easy.

Sony, as usual, made huge waves when they first introduced the a9 in 2017. They entered the sports market that had been dominated by both Canon and Nikon for decades, and they staked their claim as a serious player in this field. Fast forward a few years as we now have the Sony a9 II. Sony’s a9 II is a huge camera for them. Not only will it be the camera they want to push on professional sports photographers during the Olympics, which will be in their own back yard in 2020, but it’s also the camera that will need to go up alongside the new Canon 1DX III and the Nikon D6. Does the Sony a9 II have enough about it to take the gold medal? Let’s find out in our review.

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Sony Officially Announces the Sports and Photojournalist Focused A9 II

The Sony A9 II should delight sports photographers and those working in the field.

It seems like we have been talking about the Sony A9 II for a while now, but Sony has only just officially announced their new flagship camera. The original Sony A9 took the sports photography and photojournalism worlds by storm when it was released in 2017. Sony is hoping the A9 II will have the same kind of impact the original had. Join us after the break to find out more about the specs, and the pricing of the new Sony A9 II. Continue reading…