Improved Animal and Face Detection! Sony A7 IV Review

Sometimes I find myself shaking my head at what cameras can do these days. The jury is still out as to whether it’s shaken in disbelief or wonderment. That is the case with the long-awaited and fairly priced Sony a7 IV. It packs a lot of features that photographers have been asking for along with capabilities that are overkill. I think Sony’s next camera could take an entirely black or even stark white image and recover almost every detail.

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The Five Cameras We Hope Sony Launches In 2021

We have some pretty good guesses at what we think these newly registered Sony cameras might be.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Sony just upped the camera ante in 2021. The brand new Sony a1 looks to be a beast of a camera. Just when we thought that there couldn’t be more to come from Sony, we learn this. Apparently, Sony has five more new cameras, including two high-end offerings, coming in 2021. One of these offerings should be fairly obvious. Still, the other four remain a mystery. What could they be? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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