Kunal Shah Captures the Astonishing Beauty of India’s Birdlife

All images by Kunal Shah. Used with permission. For more stories like this, subscribe to the Phoblographer.

“It’s a very tiny bird, the size of a sparrow, and I photographed him on a hill near my house in Pune,” the wildlife photographer Kunal Shah remembers of his recent encounter with a male Red Avadavat, also known as the Strawberry Finch, during the breeding season. “The name appropriately describes the bird, as the bright red color and those white spots make it look exactly like a strawberry.” 

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“Moon Games” is a Creative Series of Pictures Showing People Interacting with the Moon

"Paint the Moon"

“Paint the Moon”

One day some six years ago, hobby astrophotographer Laurent Laveder from France was chatting with his wife Sabine about his work, and about the ideas he had for taking interesting pictures of the night sky. See, Laurent wasn’t satisfied with just snapping away at planets, stars and galaxies amidst the pitch black night sky. Rather, he was envisioning to capture celestial bodies interacting with the terrestrial foreground. Over what I imagine must have been some very good red wine, French cheese and baguette, together they arrived at the idea of “Moon Games” — a series of pictures that show people interacting with the moon.

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