“Moon Games” is a Creative Series of Pictures Showing People Interacting with the Moon

"Paint the Moon"

“Paint the Moon”

One day some six years ago, hobby astrophotographer Laurent Laveder from France was chatting with his wife Sabine about his work, and about the ideas he had for taking interesting pictures of the night sky. See, Laurent wasn’t satisfied with just snapping away at planets, stars and galaxies amidst the pitch black night sky. Rather, he was envisioning to capture celestial bodies interacting with the terrestrial foreground. Over what I imagine must have been some very good red wine, French cheese and baguette, together they arrived at the idea of “Moon Games” — a series of pictures that show people interacting with the moon.

"Sabine is reading, lighting by the Moon"

“Sabine is reading, lighting by the Moon”

So they began to set each other in scene in front of the moonlit sky, using Sigma 70-300mm and 100-300mm telephoto zoom lenses mounted to a tripod (and with a camera at the back, of course.) In each picture, the person photographed would be interacting with the moon, incorporating its spherical shape into the scene in one way or another. The result of their nightly adventures was not only a very creative and beatiful series of pictures.

We don’t tell any story, but we try to imagine various scene that everyone can understand,” says Laurent. “Sometime, for the gardening Moon, it tells a story, but we didn’t created this series in this aim. We were just taking pictures as the Moon was rising.

"Like in a painting"

“Like in a painting”

The pictures were so successful and proved so popular that the two decided to create a book dedicated to the topic. But not only that. Over at Laurent’s dedicated astrophotography website pixheaven.net, the two offer a whole slew of “Moon Games” merchandise, ranging from posters and prints over badges to postcards and even pocket mirrors. In addition, the whole gallery of “Moon Games” pictures can be browsed online, as well as Laurents various other series such as “Starry Adventures” or “Conjunctions and Transits.”

We would like to thank Laurent Laveder for the information provided and for the permission to use his pictures in this article.

"Manon and Romane are playing football with the Moon"

“Manon and Romane are playing football with the Moon”

"Playing basketball with the Moon"

“Playing basketball with the Moon”

"Katy and Romane are trying to catch the Moon"

“Katy and Romane are trying to catch the Moon”

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