Looking for a 70-200mm Lens? We Like These, and You Will Too!

If you’re looking for glass that will have your back in multiple scenarios, take a closer look at 70-200mm lenses.

There are a few types of lenses that can be considered multi-tools thanks to them hitting the sweet spot(s) when it comes to focal ranges. Lenses in the 15-30mm range are great for multiple genres of photography from landscapes to environmental portraits, 35mm lenses are Goldilocks lenses great for just about everything, and the last multi-tool lens are 70-200mm lenses. Whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, events, weddings, sports, documentary photography, or you’re a photojournalist, the 70-200mm is one lens that should be part of your kit. After the break, we will share some 70-200mm lenses that will have your back no matter what.

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