This Rare Konica Hexanon 60mm is a Fascinating Partner for Leica Thread Mount Cameras

Care for a super rare and fast Konica Hexanon 60mm f/1.2 for your Leica thread mount camera?

If you still have one of those Leica screw mount cameras, our latest ebay find is certainly a very rare glass you might be interested in. This beautiful Konica Hexanon 60mm f/1.2 lens makes a fine pair for L39/LTM mount cameras. But you need to be fast, as this lens doesn’t go on sale very often.

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The Phoblographer’s Big Guide to Tamron Prime Lenses

It’s really hard to go wrong with any of the Tamron prime lenses that are on the market.

We’ve reviewed many prime lenses–including all of the Tamron prime lenses on the market. Tamron has worked hard on revamping their lineup over the last few years in the same way other lens manufacturers have. The most significant difference is that Tamron prime lenses offer excellent image quality, autofocus, and weather sealing, and they come in at incredibly affordable price points. We’ve gone through our database and have put together all of our Tamron prime lens reviews to help you figure out which ones are best for you.

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Schneider Kreuznach Joins The Micro Four Thirds Party, Finally Brings Treats For Us

Schneider Kreuznach announced earlier on in the year that they’d be coming out with Micro Four Thirds lenses and guess what, now they’ve been officially announced. Expect a Super Angulon 14mm f2, Makro Symmar 60mm f2.4, and 30mm f1.4 Xenon.

Via 43 Rumors

Update: we’re currently searching for more information, but 43Rumors seem to have pulled their post on the lenses for the moment.

Update 2:

Super-Angulon 14 mm/2.0 wide angle lens (10 lenses with 4 aspherical surfaces, 1:10 to ∞)

Xenon 30 mm/1.4 universal lens (7 elements with 1 aspheric surface, 1:10 to ∞)

Macro-Symmar 60 mm/2.4 highly open Macro Lens (8 lenses, scale 1:2 to ∞)

First Impressions: Tamron 60mm f/2 Macro (Nikon F Mount Version)

When presented with the opportunity to test the Tamron 60mm f/2 Macro lens, I jumped on it. I’ve been really interested in finding a good, reasonably fast 85-90mm equivalent for my Nikon D7000, as I’ve been looking for something to use primarily for portraits. The Tamron 60mm seemed like an excellent and affordable solution, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I will be doing a few different write-ups on this lens, and using it in different scenarios, but first I’d like to go over my first impressions and show some sample macro shots.

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Field Test: The Nikon D7000 (Day 3)

The Pentax K-5, Mamiya RZ33, and Nikon D3 (from front to back)

The Nikon D7000 is a nimble camera, tough and straight forward. It has Nikon’s trademark field-ready ruggedness. It also has the right tools to work in a studio, with only a couple features, Nikon has reserved for more expensive models. Certainly, when working with studio strobes, it’s important to have manual exposure, manual white balance, and a way to trip the flashes (I used an Elinchrom Skyport wireless trigger which slide’s onto the D7000‘s standard hot shoe).

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