Pentax K-r Korejanairobot Limited Edition Rendering Looks Pretty Sweet

Pentax has been know to create limited editions of their camera (but different than the way Leica does.) While on Reddit the other night, I was able to find this rendering of the Pentax K-rKorejanairobot limited edition. Cameras like these are fascinating: so much power inside but no one can take the outside seriously. Perhaps they’re great for street photography because of this or for the simple reason of disarming the subjects you’re photographing. In contrast, the rumored K-5 is looking like an extreme beast of a camera.

Do You Want a 14MP Camera Phone?

GSMArena via Android Community reported on a new Android cameraphone, the Altek Leo, that is more camera than it seems to be phone. The phone is complete with a 3x optical zoom, 14MP CCD sensor, HD video recording, Xenon flash, and running the Android operating system. There is also Wifi, 3G, and a Micro SD card slot. But all his begs the question: would you want a 14MP sensor in your phone? If so, why would you want that vs the 5MP RAW sensor we blogged about earlier? Let alone the Android operating system does have some good photography apps but not the greatest. This was further shown in our tablet coverage when we ranked the Dell Mini 5. While optical zoom is much better than digital zoom, do you think that phones will ever get to the point where they will slap a nice prime lens on instead of offering a zoom function? And with technology moving faster each day there is only a matter of time until phones become modular and we will be able to switch out processors, RAM, and graphics chips the way we can with out computers. In that case, perhaps we may be able to switch out camera sensors as well.

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Field Test: Nikon D3x (Day 1)

My old boss, Sal Cangeloso over at got to test out my Nikon D3x recently and his reactions are very positive towards it. While Sal is more of a hobbyist and very advanced enthusiast he confirms that the Nikon D3x is surely a camera meant for people that know what they’re doing. While you’re at it, also check out his test of some yummy Zeiss glass that we checked out.

My field review starts soon. So look out for that.

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A Gold Pentax Lens?

Yup, you read that headline correctly. I found it on an Asian forum thread (translated here). I asked readers what they’d want to see in the Pentax 645D the other day as well as reported on what could be the new sensor.  Admittedly, I’m not the most knowledgeable Pentax fan but I did look into this lens. But I haven’t known of a 28-70mm F2.8 AL lens before. Take a look for yourself here and B&H doesn’t have one on their website. Perhaps a new lens may be coming?

Round Up: Canon 1D Mk IV for Weddings

With WPPI coming up soon, you may be considering a new camera soon. Fellow Canon shooters may find that they’re looking for something more than what their 5D Mk II’s and 1Ds Mk III’s can do. As a guy looking for another body himself, I explored how the 1D Mk IV was for weddings. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the camera before but I always thought that it was really just for photojournalism and sports. It appears that I was wrong. Here’s a round up of people that have tried it out.

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USAToday: 2.7 million Digital SLRs…will be sold this year

USAToday has a nice article on how the DSLR industry is really booming right now. Because of the growth in DSLR sales and DSLR videography due to dropping prices of entry level models, getting better video than a camcorder is possible for normal folk. The article also says though that items are essential to be coupled with the DSLRs when shooting video. That’s where we’ve got you covered in our list. This is why I love my 5D Mk II so much.

The Leica M9 As The Ultimate Travel Camera

Ashwin Rao has his own testimonial of using the Leica M9 as a great travel camera vs a DSLR and many lenses. His main arugment seems to be travelling light. Otherwise though, he does make good arguments for Leica glass/image quality, build quality, etc. You can check it out at Steve Huff Photo. Steve is a great photographer himself and I really like the field reviews he does.

I’ve tested the Leica M9 myself and published a hands-on over at Photography Bay. Shooting with a Leica M9 was quite the experience as it was my first time really using a rangefinder. The build quality is amazing. I hope and aspire to buy one one day. I’ve almost bought the Leica CL many times but I simply can’t justify using film for professional work as everyone these days demands digital. And at around $600 with a nice lens, sure it’s a steal but I can’t afford a toy like that. One day maybe.