“The House” is Amr Elshamy’s Multi-Disciplinary Masterpiece

All images by Amr Elshamy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Many photographers are also multi-disciplinary creatives. Some do writing on the side, others dabble in art direction, and many also double as videographers and filmmakers. Egyptian photographer Amr Elshamy, however, does something interesting on the side as a visual artist: he makes scale models of scenes he wants to photograph.

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Here’s Your Chance to Snag the Black Paint Leica M3 of Your Dreams

Black Paint Leica M3 photo by LeicaShop 

Prepare to pour your heart (and cash) out for one of the most sought after Leica collectibles ever. If you missed any of the rare Leica treasures we spotted previously, now is your chance to snag another. A rare Black Paint Leica M3 in very good condition has recently surfaced on ebay, which can be yours for the buy-it-now price of $68,500.

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Fuji Natura 1600 is the “Best 35mm Color Film” You Need to Shoot NOW

The Fuji Natura 1600 film is probably one of the best color negative films you haven’t heard of or shot with. 

Whether you’ve just started shooting with film or have been an ardent analog lover for years, you better make this rare film a top priority. Fujifilm’s Natura 1600 is legendary for all the good reasons. But if you want to experience it, you better be quick, because Fujifilm has recently axed this film and it will very soon be out of our grasps.

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“Character Conceptual” Studies Imaginary People in Everyday Situations

Character Conceptual images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Need some inspiration for portrait photography or visual storytelling? If we were to sum up what makes the duo behind Kremson Johnson Photography worth following, it’s their knack for creating characters with unique stories to tell. A lot of their projects show this, but for those who are just discovering their works, we think their set called Character Conceptual makes a great primer.

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Andreas Levers Takes Us Around Atmospheric Urbanscapes “At Night”

All images by Andreas Levers. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The night has many faces and photographers have always sought to capture them. We’ve seen many takes on this endeavor with different approaches and locations, and photographers end up with outstanding results. Our most recent favorite is the ongoing series or moody urbanscapes by German photographer Andreas Levers.

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This, Ladies and Gentleman, is How They Advertised Kodak in France 31 Years Ago

This French advertisement for Kodak Gold 200 35mm film is older than I am, and it’s hilarious!

1987 may not be a year many of you think of often if you were around for it, or at all if you are like me and weren’t even born yet. 1987 may not be the height of Kodak and film in general, but it was certainly during the golden age of film. Digital cameras were still a long way off for the consumer realm, let alone ones that had people choosing digital over film.

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Is the Hasselblad 500cm the Medium Format Film Camera for You?

Here’s why the Hasselblad 500cm may or may not be a great choice for you.

Want to give medium format film a go? Hasselblad cameras are among the most recommended and coveted cameras for this, especially the Hasselblad 500cm. If you found Aidan Moneyhon’s long term review of the Contax T2 helpful, you might also want to watch this one to find out if the Hasselblad 500cm is the right choice for you.

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Aristotle Roufanis Depicts Urban Solitude in “Alone Together”

All images by Aristotle Roufanis. Used with permission.

Many of the city-centric photography projects we’ve seen of late focus on the frenetic energy that breathes life into the world’s biggest cities. This vitality is everywhere – from the streets, to the busy people, to the culture, and the architecture. Aristotle Roufanis, meanwhile, wanted to show us a rather despondent face of the urban jungle in his series, Alone Together. Continue reading…

Felix Renaud Uses Cinematic Colors to Tell a Smoking Photo Story

All images by Felix Renaud. Used with Creative Commons permission.

As with all creative pursuits, photography encourages us to imagine and represent the world around us in many different ways. Montreal-based Felix Renaud shows us how we can build our own visual stories this way with his mini-series, Section Fumeur. In this four-piece portrait set, he had a simple idea: use color and glamour to tell the story of the “pathetic and sometimes dark side of the cigarette.”

That doesn’t seem to give viewers much, but we can definitely see how the results are attention-grabbing. The colors are vibrant and definitely lend a cinematic look. The subjects are styled in a way that gives us more clues to come up with our own interpretations of Felix’s story. Of course, the cigarettes are part of all the scenes playing out before our eyes.

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The Fun in Creating Solargraph Images Using Beer Cans

All images by Mark McGillivray. Used with permission.

Lots of folks out there have never experimented with creating their own camera, but Mark McGillivray is the exception. He’s created his own beer can and film canister film cameras that he has used to photograph places over long periods of time. Usually these are called Solargraphs. They’re typically done with pinhole cameras and photograph an area for a very long amount of time. The images are typically really fun! So we talked to Mark about how he does some of his.

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This Mysterious and Rare 400mm Military Lens is Yours for $99,995

Care to add a mystery military lens in your collection of vintage gear?

Items with actual or supposed military value or history seem to be turning up more frequently on ebay lately. The latest we’ve found is a “rare” 400mm “aerial” or military lens that has left us scratching our heads. If any of you out there have even the slightest idea what this actually is, maybe you can also tell the rest of us why it costs $99,995.

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ALCHEMY: Michel Leroy Photographs Athletes in Black and White (NSFW)

All images by Michel Leroy. Used with permission.

“It took months of experimenting with different techniques and combinations of digital and film equipment to achieve this unique in-camera look,” photographer Michel Leroy tells us about his series Alchemy. “It is the combination of gear and lighting that gives the skin the unique dark metallic look not body paint or Photoshop.” Tonight, Michel is unveiling the project to the public at a gallery opening in NYC. Michel is a commercial photographer these days, after a previous life as a photojournalist. So when it came to Alchemy, Michel was all about creating a series of images that helped him with his experiments. He wanted to explore a single idea in depth. So he went about collaborating with a number of athletes and experimenting to get this look all in-camera with no photoshop.

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Franck Bohbot Captures a Dreamy New York City in “Velvet Snow”

All images by Franck Bohbot. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The start of 2018 saw New York City making it to global headlines for a snowstorm that pummeled and paralyzed the metropolis. While it was a case of extreme weather that hits the city every few years, New York-based photographer and filmmaker Franck Bohbot shows that snowfall can also turn the Big Apple into a cinematic winter wonderland.

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Robert Romanowicz Puts Funny Faces to Everyday Objects with Googly Eyes

All images by Robert Romanowicz. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Feeling blank and out of ideas for a creative photography project? An interesting project doesn’t need to be complicated or moving at this point. Today’s inspiration is a fine example of what you can do to play around with visuals, humor, and a healthy dose of imagination. Try it just for fun, as Polish illustrator and architect Robert Romanowicz would most likely tell you.

Seeing that Robert is primarily an illustrator with a playful and colorful style, It doesn’t come as a surprise that he came up with something bearing those qualities. And he also decided to call it For fun.

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Slava Semeniuta Paints “Velvet Mountains” with Vibrant Hues

All images by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Stuck in a rut and in need of some landscape photography inspiration? If you like some color in your landscapes, you’ll definitely enjoy looking through Slava Semeniuta’s photographs of jagged peaks in stunning scarlet. The Russian artist and photographer is an ardent lover of color, and this passion bleeds into every creative pursuit that he sets his eyes on. As with the bright and eye-catching street set titled Wet Neon, colors take center stage throughout Slava’s The Velvet Mountain snaps. The title is evidently an allusion to both the texture and the color of the misty mountains. There may already be tons of landscape photos featuring rugged scenery like this, but it’s easy to see why these velvety peaks command our attention.

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Ken Hermann Documents the “Leftovers” of the Vietnam War

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Some of the most poignant stories of conflict were taken during the long and costly Vietnam War. From November 1955 to April 1975 — almost twenty years — photojournalists documented the chaos and destruction that ravaged the region of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR. More than four decades later, some explosive remnants of the war still remain scattered and hidden in these parts. It’s the turn of Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann to document the efforts of the men who take care of these lethal leftovers.

The Vietnam War may be long over but its remnants are still injuring and killing hundreds of civilians annually. This was what Ken found out and wanted to tell in his recent documentary project titled, Leftovers from the War. The title is a reference to what he called a “lethal legacy” of unexploded ordnance, or UXO, and landmines that still lie hidden in those areas of conflict.

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This Zoom-Nikkor Lens was Once the Longest-Reaching in 35mm Photography

This impressive manual focus Zoom-Nikkor Lens was the longest-reaching super telephoto zoom lens for 35mm photography until 1990. 

Looking for a noteworthy zoom lens to add to your collection of vintage gear? If you do a lot of wildlife or sports photography, you might want to keep an eye out for this rare 360-1200mm f/11 AI-S ED Zoom-Nikkor lens on ebay. A listing of this lens priced it at US $29,998, but there’s a good reason behind this. With the help of extensive information from mir.com.my, we can piece together the history of this impressive Nikon lens.

The 360 – 1200mm f/11 was hailed as the world’s longest-reaching true telephoto zoom lens before the massive Zoom-Nikkor 1200-1700mm f5.6~8s P ED-IF was introduced. It was remarkable for having the advantages of a modern zoom lens and powerful magnification of an ultra-telephoto lens in a relatively compact, fast-handling package.

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The New TetherTools TetherPro USB-C Cables Promise to Make Your Shoots Easier

Tether Tools aim to make tethered photography more streamlined with their new TetherPro USB-C cables.

Tether Tools, a provider of workstation solutions for photographers, has recently announced adding a line of TetherPro USB-C Cables to their cable products. With tethered photography now a big part of many photographers’ process, these cables promise to improve the experience beyond the limits of dongles, hubs, and inadequate connections. Whether you’re thinking of shifting to a tethered workflow or improving your existing setup, this new cable line could be interesting to you.

This line of TetherPro USB-C Cables is comprised of USB-C to USB-C cables, and USB-C to USB-A cables for use with USB-C cameras such as Hasselblad H6, Fujifilm X Series, Panasonic GH5, and Sony a7R III. There are also TetherPro USB-C cables available for photographers who have cameras with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports but have upgraded to USB-C computers. Want to extend your existing USB cables to a USB-C computer port? Simply use the 15-foot USB-C to USB-A Adapter to join them together. The TetherPro USB-C to USB-C Cable also comes in lengths of up to 15 feet.

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Alexander Berdin-Lazursky’s Futuristic Fashion Shines in “Lamb of Future”

All images by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky. Used with Creative Commons permission.

With fantasy and futuristic elements among this year’s predicted creative trends, we have a lot of possibilities to look forward to in the photography world. New York-based Alexander Berdin-Lazursky is one of the photographers to watch out for if you’re interested in these trends, or simply want to see extraordinary concepts in fashion photography. His latest set of portraits, curiously titled Lamb of Future, is a fine example of how surreal his visions can be.

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Adobe Gets Behind the Scenes with Danny Wilcox Frazier

Follow Danny Wilcox Frazier on the last leg of his shoot for a new book in this documentary short film by Adobe.

At the heart of each documentary work is a personal story that needs to be told. In the case of award-winning photographer and filmmaker Danny Wilcox Frazier, it is a collection of shared stories in seldom seen rural communities. Adobe recently followed him around on the last few days of his shoot for a new book, and put together a poignant, behind the scenes, mini documentary showing how he forges friendships and makes connections to tell these stories.

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Elizaveta Porodina Adds a Touch of Nostalgia to a Cool Eyewear Campaign

All images by Elizaveta Porodina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Fashion is often a fickle muse and industry. What looks trendy today will most likely be considered tacky within a few years’ time. Some looks from decades past, however, remain so timeless that they influence styles up to the present. Munich-based fashion photographer Elizaveta Porodina proves it also applies to the look and mood of fashion portraiture itself.

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