Ale Ruaro Feels He Puts a Unique Spin on his Street Photography

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My name is Ale Ruaro. My text is really bad, so photography is the best way for me to express myself. After studying cinema photography, I found myself in the static image. My photography reflects who I am, quick thoughts, punctual subjects, marked and contrasted light, no photoshop. I live in the center of São Paulo, and whenever I go to Europe, I photograph a lot. In 2019, on my way back from a big trip, I thought I need to photograph around my house to show what I see. I started to dedicate myself a lot to this work, and I believe in its importance, imagining that this place will be cleaner, safer, and with a better income division one day.

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Which photographers are your biggest influences? How have they affected who you are and how you create?

Araki, Julia Margaret Cameron, Garry Winogrand, Walker Evans, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn.

How long have you been filming? How do you feel you’ve evolved since you started?

I’ve been shooting for 26 years. Every day is a learning experience.

Tell us about the equipment you are using.

I use Leica M (type 240) and Fuji X-Pro 3. I like discreet, quiet, and reliable equipment with high quality.

Natural light or artificial light? Because?

Natural because it’s a big challenge because you don’t need it anymore, because any light is good for a good photographer.

Do you feel more like a creator or a documenter? Because? How does the equipment help you do this?

Both have projects that I document, and there are projects that I create. The equipment is the photographer’s extension. He is the instrument we use, so each job requires a type of equipment. In my case, I like the minimalist.

What normally goes through your mind when you create images? Tell us about your mental and mechanical processes?

I always think about recording my way of seeing the world and leaving a historical document about it. It’s what makes my existence count.

Explain your processing techniques to us. Also, tell us how you’re getting your look without Photoshop if you’re comfortable with it.

I use spot metering and for street use aperture priority with high iso. To reveal my files, I have my preset, and it’s ready.

What made you want to get into your genre?

The love for photography and breaking paradigms.

What motivates you to shoot?

To be able to leave this as a historical document and encourage people to do the same.

Explain why readers want to see your work or why your project is so cool.

For those who want to see a long document from the center of one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

What is your favorite camera or lens? It can be digital, a phone or analog! Choose one and talk about it.

Fuji X-Pro 3. For me, it is the evolution of Leica–a light and very fast camera with wonderful lenses.

Was there anyone or something that inspired you to buy this camera?

I’ve always been very informed about equipment, I used everything, and I can’t get rid of Leica. Fuji enchants me more every day.

And did this camera make it feel right for you?

For it to be perfect, it would have to be monochrome and no LCD at the back.

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