Photography Cheat Sheet: Classic One-Light Portrait Setups Never Fail

Feeling intimidated with lighting setups in the studio? Here’s a photography cheat sheet that will help you get started with classic one-light setups for portrait photography.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of shooting in the studio and is crucial to portrait photography. If you’re still new to studio work and portrait lighting, you can actually practice with one-light setups tried and tested by pros. We have several learning resources that cover this, the latest being a handy photography cheat sheet that features classic setups you can get started with.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Long Exposures of Night City Scenes

Looking to get extra creative with city scenes at night? You definitely have to check out today’s photography cheat sheet.

Shooting long exposures is one of the popular ways to capture city scenes at night, as it opens up a number of creative possibilities. Among these is including colorful light trails to give photos a more dynamic and energetic feel. If you’re in the mood to get extra creative with your city snaps or simply want to try something new, we have just the right photography cheat sheet to help you snag some cool shots!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right Autofocus Point

Your camera’s autofocus mode will give the best results if you know which autofocus point to use for what you’re shooting. This photography cheat sheet will show you how.

The autofocus mode is certainly a blessing for many photographers, especially those starting out. To provide the best results out of this mode, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are equipped with AF focus point options, which allow users to set the focus on their subjects. However, we can see why this can be intimidating to explore for beginners. (What, more settings to fiddle around with? I just want to shoot!) This is where today’s photography cheat sheet will be especially useful.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Explaining Camera Exposure to a Dummy

Those who are just starting to explore the manual controls of their camera may find the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO easier to understand with today’s photography cheat sheet.

Mastering camera controls can be intimidating for beginners, especially for those who are upgrading from a smartphone camera. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Today’s photography cheat sheet will certainly help anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the three basic camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposing the Sky in Landscape Photography

Learn how to avoid overexposing the sky in your landscape snaps with today’s nifty photography cheat sheet.

Overexposing the sky is one of the tricky parts of landscape photography. Because the sky is often brighter than the rest of the scene, it’s easy to blow out the details and end up with an unflattering sky when shooting in Auto mode. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to avoid that by exposing for the sky.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Staying Sharp for Action Shots

When it comes to action shots, getting your shutter speed right is only one part of the equation. With this photography cheat sheet, you’ll also be able to use your camera’s AF points to ensure sharp photos.

Photographing moving subjects can be tricky, especially for beginners. Not only will it require using fast shutter speeds to freeze movement, but also nailing the focus. Today’s photography cheat sheet will help you with the latter through some tips for choosing the right AF point depending on how your subject is moving.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Autofocus Done Right for Portraits

If you’ve started shooting portraits, one of the things to master is how to nail your focus.

When you’re shooting portraits, it’s not enough to just rely on your camera’s autofocus mode and expect everything in your frame to look focused. You have to make sure your subject’s eyes are always pin-sharp. With this portrait photography cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to use the right autofocus mode to achieve that with each shot.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposing for Landscapes

Still struggling with exposure settings for landscape photography? With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to get spot-on exposures by taking note of the histogram.

Previously, we shared some tips for getting your composition right when shooting landscapes. For today’s photography cheat sheet, it’s time to work on exposure with the help of histogram readings. Both elements work hand in hand to create landscape photos that are more than merely snapshots. So, if you’re working on getting better at shooting landscapes, we’re sure you’ll find these tips handy!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Mastering Composition for Landscapes

Before you set your exposure for a landscape photo, make sure your composition is on point. Use this photography cheat sheet as your guide to master working landscape scenes. 

Getting the exposure right is only half of the job when it comes to landscape photography; it’s just as important to have eye-catching composition. These two elements work together to make an outstanding landscape photo that goes beyond the snapshot. Today’s photography cheat sheet is a great resource both for those who are new to shooting landscapes and those who want to keep improving their composition.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Personal Brand Photo Shoot Ideas

Branding is essential in any business, including your own photography services. Today’s photography cheat sheet is handy if you’re figuring out how to shoot your own branding photos.

Working your way to being a pro photographer? As mentioned in a previous photography cheat sheet we shared, part of establishing your own photography business is marketing your services. This is where effective branding comes in. If you have no idea where to begin, today’s cheat sheet will give you some ideas for your personal brand photoshoot.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Essential Tips for Shooting in Cold Weather

Brrrr season is afoot, so we best be prepared for the cold with today’s handy photography cheat sheet!

It’s only a matter of time before we slip into colder and colder weather. A trip to winter wonderlands may also soon be in order. Some know how challenging it can be to shoot in freezing temperatures. Some learn the hard way. In either case it’s best to keep today’s photography cheat sheet with you from now on!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Manual Mode Settings Whatever the Weather

Still getting a grip on the Exposure Triangle and the effect of each element on your photos? This cheat sheet will serve as a quick guide for shooting, whatever the weather.

If you’ve decided to give manual photography a go but haven’t mastered the settings yet, don’t worry, we have just the right stuff for you. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to put the Exposure Triangle concept to the test and shoot with confidence in good or bad weather. Put on your comfy shoes, pack your gear, and have a copy of this cheat sheet ready for your next photo walk!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Guide to ISO Settings

Once you are seriously into photography, you hear the term ISO a lot. But what does it really do? Which settings do you use? Find the answers in today’s photography cheat sheet.

ISO is one of the elements that comprise a well-exposed photo. It’s definitely one of the things you should master, especially when you want to learn how to shoot in manual mode. If you’re struggling with ISO settings and what they do to your photos, we have precisely the stuff to help you. Whether you’re shooting with a film or digital camera, this quick photography cheat sheet should work well for you.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Tips for Aerial Photography Using Drones

Thinking of venturing into drone photography? Today’s photography cheat sheet has some useful tips to help you get started.

The advent of drone photography was a blessing for aerial photography enthusiasts and professionals and continues to be a popular approach to capturing sweeping vistas and stunning scenery. Since there are budget and pro drone cameras available today, it’s easy to see why more and more photographers have been picking it up. if you’re set to get your own drone camera soon, you may find today’s photography cheat sheet useful for your practice.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Become a Professional Photographer

Ever thought about making photography your bread and butter but don’t know where to start? Today’s in-depth photography cheat sheet should help!

While photography is mostly a hobby for a lot of us, we’re sure there comes the point when some of us will feel like trying to make a living out of it. If that sounds like you, but you have no idea how to make it happen, we understand how daunting it can be. We have just the photography cheat sheet to help you map out your path to becoming a professional photographer.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The Right Shutter Speed for Every Situation

Need help nailing your shutter speeds for various shooting situations? To the rescue comes yet another photography cheat sheet from Digital Camera World!

As one of the three elements of good exposure, the right shutter speed is essential to getting the perfect shot. It also determines how the shot will turn out. Your camera can take care of this for you if you’re shooting in auto mode. But if you want to achieve more creative results, you’ll need to take control and shoot in manual mode. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be on your way to nailing the shutter speed for some of the most common shooting situations.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Cool DIY Hacks for Camera Accessories

No budget for camera accessories? No problem! Today’s photography cheat sheet has a bunch of DIY hacks for some of the most common accessories.

In need of some camera accessories but don’t really have the budget for it? That’s perfectly fine, as many camera accessories can be significant investments. Whether you’ve used up your funds to get your new camera or simply find them too pricey, today’s photography cheat sheet can help. If you’re into DIY, here are some common accessories that can come in handy for your next shoots.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Privacy and Copyright for Photographers

Today’s photography cheat sheet is all about the rights and responsibilities of photographers when it comes copyright and privacy.

Photographers are among the creatives whose works constantly faces copyright infringement issues. Likewise, many photographers aren’t aware of the responsibilities that come with the job, especially when it comes to street photography. To address this, we’re sharing an infographic that will serve as a handy photography cheat sheet for knowing your rights and responsibilities as a photographer. The infographic below, put together by WhoisHostingThis, is a primer on what you need to know about privacy and copyright issues you may encounter as a photographer. Knowing about copyright law will allow you to protect your work, while familiarity with the privacy law will allow you to avoid legal liabilities. We highly suggest that you keep a copy of this photography cheat sheet for instances when you’re in doubt.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Photograph Fireworks Like a Pro

Want to get better at photographing stunning fireworks displays? We have just the comprehensive photography cheat sheet for you. 

We all like taking photos of beautiful fireworks, but let’s admit it: smartphone cameras just don’t cut it, and it’s really challenging to do for a beginner. No one wants to keep fiddling with camera controls and miss the shots altogether. It’s also easy to get blurry or overexposed snaps if you’re not careful. With today’s featured photography cheat sheet, you’ll surely have a blast getting those colorful and explosive shots!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: A Beginner’s Checklist for Great Photography

Finally made the decision to move on from your smartphone camera? Consider today’s photography cheat sheet as a checklist of the stuff you need to get started.

Photography can seem daunting to get into for anyone who started with smartphone cameras, but with today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll have an idea where and what to begin with. This cheat sheet covers everything from the gear you’ll need to buy to the shooting techniques you’ll want to learn. Step right up if this sounds like something you need to jump-start your photography journey!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How Many Megapixels Do You Need to Print?

Thinking of printing your favorite shots but not sure what your image size should be for the print size you want? Today’s photography cheat sheet will serve as your quick reference.

Finally thinking of getting some prints of your best snaps? Not too long ago, we shared a photography cheat sheet showing how big you can print your digital photo based on the resolution of your camera. If that seemed a little complicated for you, we found another useful and simplified version which instead lists down the recommended image sizes for the standard print sizes you can choose from.

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