If Fujifilm Cameras Did This, It Would Be So Great!

I’m about to say something that’s bound to be divisive. But if you’re a Fujifilm camera user who isn’t embracing the film simulations, you’re basically throwing the camera away. Besides the great ergonomics, the film simulations are whole point of Fujifilm cameras. You can apply the film simulations to your RAW files in Capture One easily. But more importantly, you can get a look in-camera in JPEGs that folks love. You won’t even really need to edit your photos; you can just shoot and go on with life. 

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What’s the feature I’m talking about? Well, the lead image is a bit of a hint. But if you want to embrace the film aesthetic even more, why not really lean into it?

Why not bring back the timestamp feature from old film cameras? Lots of apps have it.

Further, why not add a film border? It would be so cool to post an image shot on Velvia with the Velvia film border around the final JPEG. These are the types of things that end up in various social media shares anyway.

I suspect that people reading this idea have a few thoughts. There are folks who think I’m crazy because this can all be done in post-production. These are the photographers stuck in the method of editing after shooting. The idea of doing too much work for the image is something that isn’t appealing to everyone.

Then there are folks who think this is a brilliant idea and really want it. They understand it would be simple for Fujifilm to bring this feature back from old Fujifilm cameras.

There is also a group of people who think this is a great idea but not as important as other features. And I agree with those people. But with that said, I think a lot of photographers would potentially use this feature anyway. Just think; you could shoot a portrait, apply in-camera skin-softening, and then beam it to your phone with the date stamp and the border attached. The photo would look even more like actual film! I mean, come on, Fujifilm cameras do things like letting the photographer add film grain and even a special blue effect. My idea can’t be that farfetched.

Some of you are probably wondering if this is satire. I don’t aim to satirize photographers who try as much as possible to make their images look like film. Despite the fact that they’re uninformed about how it looks, you can get it easily with my idea.

This isn’t difficult to do with Fujifilm cameras. You can borrow the filter ideas from the Instax division since they have a lot built into a few of their cameras. Fujifilm Instax even makes an Instax variant that looks like a film negative or a slide. And it looks really cool!

And now, here’s an even crazier thought. Fujifilm could add some of these features to older cameras via firmware updates. It wouldn’t take up much room in the internal drive and processor. There’s no reason why older Fujifilm camera shouldn’t be able to get these new features. 

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.