We Join Lensrentals to Discuss the Truth About Weather Sealing

Back in February, we record a podcast with the folks at Lensrentals on one of our favorite topics: weather sealing. In fact, it shouldn’t be called weather sealing; it should be referred to as weather resistance. The episode of their podcast was released this past month, and we discussed not only weather resistance, but a lot of the truth about lens manufacturing you don’t often hear about. Trust us, we think it’s going to be a very eye-opening episode.

The Phoblographer has a wonderful relationship with Lensrentals. We often ask them for quotes for our articles, use them for equipment loans when said equipment proves difficult to acquire, and have complete trust in them. Further, we’re appreciative of how hard they work to uphold ethics and tell the truth about the gear you rent. Like us, they’re 100% committed to telling the truth and aren’t beholden to the manufacturers. 

Things we discussed: 

  • Metal vs plastic in lenses
  • IP ratings
  • Weather sealing, and how it’s a terrible term
  • How lenses aren’t even made by certain manufacturers.
  • How Canon, Tamron, and Sigma are pretty much the only “pure” companies these days
  • How modern lenses and cameras surely aren’t built how they used to be
  • What to do about your camera or lens if it isn’t weather resistant and you’re caught in a storm

Editor in Chief Chris Gampat joins Ryan, Joey, and Roger to discuss all these things in the podcast. And we encourage you to check it out.

Furthermore, The Phoblographer’s reviews do quite a bit of work when it comes to testing the durability of cameras and lenses. But this durability isn’t just for testing in inclement weather. The better resistance a product has, the more likely it is to stand up to time. It’s more likely to also operate in a better way. And to that end, weather resistance tests are a big part of what we do here at The Phoblographer.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.