OM System OM1 Review Update: The RAW Files are Great!

We’ve updated our OM System OM1 Review, and we encourage you to go check it out at this link. We previously made a correction to how subject detection is used. But our latest review update tackles RAW file versatility. Recently, Capture One 22 was updated to process OM System OM1 raw files. And our findings are seriously surprising.

Our review previously finished with giving the OM System OM1 a five out of five star rating. And we’re keeping it that way. When the camera’s autofocus improves more, we’ll be happy to give it an Editor’s Choice award. Below you can find the updated text from our review.

Update April 2022

The latest version of Capture One 22 offers RAW file support for the OM System OM1. We took the same RAW file that we ran through OM Workspace and surprisingly got even better results. We previously stated that you need to use their software to get the most from the color capabilities. But the new Capture One update shows us that that isn’t the case. In fact, I feel Capture One does a better job than OM Workspace does.

To clarify further on this statement, our findings don’t only apply to high ISO RAW files. Capture One does a phenomenal job with low ISO files too. Take a look.

Above is an original RAW file in Capture One that’s unedited at ISO 6400.

In the file above, we pushed the shadows. When you look at the photo overall, it still doesn’t look bad for a Micro Four Thirds photograph. We can clearly see some noise start coming up int he sky.

In this file, we added a bit of noise reduction. The noise is still visible, but it’s not terrible. However, both APS-C and Full-frame cameras will still outdo this.

Above is another high ISO example. This photo is unedited at ISO 6400.

Here’s our edit, which still look very clean overall. We were even able to easily adjust parameters like the green levels, oranges, etc.

Now here’s a test at a lower ISO setting. The photo above is unedited.

We used Capture One’s auto-leveling adjustment feature, tweaked it to our liking, and then edited the color channels in the above photo. They once again look really good.

Overall, the OM System OM1 is a step-forward for Micro Four Thirds sensors and what’s capable.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.