More Fujifilm F1 Lenses Are on the Way? Yes, Please!

Have you ever been so giddy with joy that you squeal just a bit? If you’re a Fujifilm camera owner, there’s a good reason to be this happy! Reports are hinting at new Fujifilm f1 lenses coming in the future. If you’re a Fuji shooter, then this is intriguing news. If you’re not a Fujifilm shooter, you’re probably wondering why your camera brand isn’t making lenses like this. And if you’re a GFX shooter, you’re probably bewildered.

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The New Fujifilm f1 Lenses

The reports claim that the new Fujifilm f1 lenses are a 28mm f1, 32mm f1, and 35mm f1. To clarify, there are actual patents for this. The new Fujifilm 32mm f1 departs from the scrapped Fujifilm 33mm f1 detailed a while back. We’ve heard this lens was outmoded because it was too large, and they seemingly don’t want to focus on lenses that enormous. But a lens like what’s in the patent above looks heavy and possibly unbalanced with a camera like the X Pro 3.

Typically, when a patent like this appears, we know the product will hit the market someday. This is an astute move for Fujifilm and the X series of products. All of these lenses will have the light-sucking abilities of an f1 lens. However, they’ll impart the depth of field of f1.5 on full-frame cameras. Photographers sticking with the X series will really enjoy this. 

What to Expect

Currently, the only Fujifilm f1 lens available is the Fujifilm 50mm f1, which we’re pretty fond of. But on the X-series cameras, these lenses tend to be quite large. That’s what we should expect if any of these hit the market. However, it also makes me speculate on how they’ll be balanced with a camera body. I have no doubt they’ll be weather resistant, but the balance is possibly irksome. With a lens this big, Fujifilm might as well make the exterior of brass that develops a patina over time.

But according to our review of the 50mm f1, we probably won’t have to worry. Here’s what we said:

“There are no two ways about it; the Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR is a massive chunk of a lens. However, you’ll be surprised at how well-balanced the lens is. Chris Gampat, our Editor In Chief, used the lens with his X-Pro 3 and X-T4 and found that it balanced very well. I have used it with the new Fujifilm XS10, and while being a little front-heavy on the smaller camera body, it was still straightforward to use. I never thought the combo was unmanageable. The lens is on the heavier side of things at 1.86lbs. This, however, is due to the all-metal build and the massive pieces of glass.”

To elucidate, we don’t mind heavy lenses if there’s a solid reason for it and if there’s some extra sparkle added. Every Fujifilm X series used will want Fujifilm f1 lenses. To us, this is just icing on the cake.

But What About the GFX?

Now, here is why I’m a bit baffled. Fujifilm often says they can’t make lenses faster than something like the 80mm f1.7 because the lens will be too big. But I still believe it’s possible. I’m not expecting Fujifilm f1 lenses for medium format at all. However, f1.4 is conceivable with the proper logic and design. Could the Fujifilm GFX lineup start to see faster lenses that aren’t ginormous?

You can see more about the patents in English on Fuji Rumors.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.