Behold This Authentic Reproduction of One of the First Leica Cameras

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Everyone loves talking about how expensive Leica cameras are. But did you know that Leica model 0 is one of the most expensive out there? In fact, it was said to be the most expensive camera sold at one point. That original camera was sold for over $2 million. However, we’ve partnered with Blue Moon Camera to bring you a reproduction that’s far, far less expensive. In fact, it comes with a letter of authenticity from Leica Camera. What’s more, it actually works. 

Welcome to the Rare Camera Store: a joint initiative between the Phoblographer and the wonderful folks at Blue Moon Camera. We work to bring you some of the coolest and rarest items for a great price.

The Leica Model 0 at the Rare Camera Store

The Leica Model 0 is a beautiful, fully analog film camera. Bundled with a 50mm f3.5 Leitz Anastigmat lens, Leica Model 0 will appeal to the analog fanatic. In fact, you’re getting all this for only $1,900. While it’s not from the early 1900s, this reproduction is almost considered vintage. It was made in 2004, and in just a few years, it’s going to hit that sweet spot for a camera. However, it’s still fully true to the original camera made many years ago. It was inspected by and originally photographed for the Rare Camera Store. They also have sample images from the camera to know that it’s working.

Here’s the description from Blue Moon’s listing for the Leica Model 0:

“This Leica 0 35mm viewfinder camera is a reproduction of the original Oskar Barnac-designed Leica model 0 first released in 1922.  The reproduction series was created and released in 2004 to commemorate Oskar Barnac’s 125th birthday. The lens is a 50mm f3.5 Leitz Anastigmat.

In keeping with the tradition of Leica, this camera comes complete with a special box, instructions, strap, and DVD.

Far from being a ‘shelf queen,’ this camera needs to be out making photographs. In the description are three images made by this camera’s previous owner on Portra 400.”

Yes, it Works!

This, of course, isn’t your typical Leica rangefinder. The Leica Model 0 a viewfinder camera and doesn’t have a rangefinder as we know them today in Leica cameras. Instead, you’ll have to zone focus using the collapsible lens. Once you snap a frame, simply advance the film using the old school film advance knobs. The original Leica cameras weren’t meant for documentary journalism. In fact, they were landscape photography cameras. You were supposed to bring them with you on hikes. So if you’re heading out into the wild, why not load the Leica Model 0 up with some Ektar or Velvia 50? Just think how cool it would be to load it up on a cloudy day and go shoot! The golden hour will have a beautiful, vintage vibe once the light hits the film after passing through these optics.

Owning this camera is like having a rare piece of history. Sure, most of us can’t purchase a camera for over $2 million. But we can afford a $1,900, unique and rare reproduction. In fact, this camera is more affordable than most modern Leica lenses. A Leica M6 can even go for more money. 

Now here’s the really cool part, the Leica Model 0 is only a bit heavier than a pound. Blue Moon’s website says that it’s around 7lbs, but we’ve confirmed that that’s the case for it in the box. When it’s delivered to your door, you’ll know what it is by a bit of that hefty feeling. Considering that so many folks are shooting with a Mamiya RB67 these days, 1lb is really light. In fact, you’ll get something much more historical with the Leica Model 0. 

You can pick this camera up now by heading over to Blue Moon’s Website and purchasing it.

Chris Gampat

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