The HP ZBook Studio G8 Targets On-The-Go Photographers

The New HP ZBook Studio G8 is tempting with its ethical manufacturing and the Emmy award.

If photographers were to choose a computer besides Apple, many would reach for HP. And during the pandemic, they won an Emmy with ZCentral Remote Boost software, which basically boosts performance. I can’t see most photographers needing this though. What they’d need instead are the SD card ports, security enhancements, a screen that’s dependable, and performance. That’s what the new HPZBook Studio G8 is offering to photographers. There’s also even more power offered with the new Fury lineup. And honestly, they’re incredibly tempting since Apple just keeps letting us down.

What They Have in Common

  • Designed for the hybrid workforce who works from home and the office
  • Security enhancements. Tamper lock. If the bottom of the notebook is taken off, there is at least an alert. 
  • Tile feature, sort of like Apple’s Find My
  • ZCentral Remote Boost software, which helped HP win an Emmy for helping creative collaborate
  • You can purchase ZCentral on Mac if you want.
  • 49% recycled metal
  • 42% of plastic recycled
  • All will be available in June or July
  • All of them have SD card ports.
  • All of them also have keyboards that look like a Mac’s.

Mind you, for years lots of computer manufacturers have given creatives the SD card port. But the big thing here is the keyboards. Many photographers using Apple devices hate most standard keyboards. The numpad just makes no sense to most of us. It also ends up feeling really cramped. Why use a laptop that feels uncomfortable? These laptops completely remove the numpad, and it instead feels like you’re typing on a Macbook.

HP ZBook Studio G8

  • Up to 11th Gent Core i9 vPro
  • Nvidia RTX A5000 option
  • GeForce RTX 3080 option
  • 32BG of RAM
  • Very Mac-like keyboard
  • No more Create G7 or Studio G7, just a single one
  • Pantone validated display
  • Dual USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, mini DisplayPort
  • USB 3.0 charging
  • Headphone jack
  • AC port
  • HP DreamColor at 120hz refresh rate
  • 100% DPI P3 
  • SD card port
  • Battery life claiming two workdays
  • 15.6 inches
  • 4lbs
  • HP sound calibration that seems to use AI when you’re on a call, listening to music or other things.
  • RGB keyboard option
  • Omen gaming hub lets you customize the colors
  • 720p camera

The HP ZBook Studio G8 is probably what’s going to appeal to photographers the most. It’s the successor to the Create G7. This year, HP did away with the model being split and united it under one product line. Unlike Apple, HP is giving us an SD Card port, 100% of DPI P3 (which is warmer than Adobe RGB), and more. The display is Pantone validated. The keyboard is also very Apple-like. That’s a huge boost over some of the products we’ve tested like the FireFly G8 and the Lenovo Yoga 9i

We’re curious to see how it handles Capture One Pro. Most computers are tested on the Adobe suite. But Capture One Pro is what staff here trust a lot more for the colors.

Here are a few specs on the others being announced today. However, the Studio is really more for creatives.

HP ZBook Power G8

  • More budget-friendly
  • 11th gent i9 intel processor
  • 3200 hertz memory
  • RTX A2000 graphics
  • PCi gen 4
  • Tile feature that lets you find it sort of like Apple Tiles and others.
  • Temperlock

HP ZBook Fury 15.6 inch and 17.3 inch

  • Intel Core i9 processors or Xeon processors
  • RTX 5000 graphics
  • Thunderbolt 4
  • Toolless access to the back(underside) of the unit
  • Tamperlock is in this

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.