Behold One of the Most Beautiful Fujifilm Cameras You’ve Ever Seen

The Fujifilm TX-1 in Champagne is incredibly gorgeous, and it’s hard to not want one.

To this day, I still think a panoramic digital camera could be a game-changing device. With that said, many of you have probably heard of the Hasselblad XPan. It’s a panoramic 35mm film camera that’s a thing of beauty. However, the lesser-known variant is the Fujifilm TX-1. If you weren’t aware, the XPan and the TX-1 are very similar cameras. The whole thing was a joint project done between the two manufacturers. Hasselblad has been known to do this for years. They’ve done it with Motorolla, DJI, Sony, etc. But in this one case, they created something truly unique. In fact, the Hasselblad XPan is an incredibly lusted for camera. But the Fujifilm TX-1 isn’t spoken of nearly enough. But we found a truly gorgeous one.

True Love: The Fujifilm TX-1

In an eBay listing for a stunning Fujifilm TX-1 in Champagne with a matching 45mm f4 lens, we’re taken aback. First, there’s the price of $6,834.30. That’s quite steep. But if you couple that with a really unique film emulsion that can’t be duplicated digitally, it starts to make more sense. The camera has some signs of use. But it can’t truly be all that much. The shutter has apparently only been fired 122 times. That’s insane!

About This Camera

You’d think that this is only a few rolls of 35mm film. And if it shot 36 images per roll, you’d be right. But these panoramic cameras like the Fujifilm TX-1 really eat film if they’re used in the panoramic function. Of course, the Fujifilm TX-1 can also shoot as a film camera normally would.

So what else makes this camera so special? The Fujifilm TX-1 can be broke down in the following way:

  • Rangefinder camera
  • Back LCD screen to display critical information
  • Working light meter
  • Meter is auto set with DX Coded film. This can surely annoy someone.
  • 1/125th flash sync
  • 8 second to 1/1000th shutter speed.
  • Aperture priority and manual mode
  • Focal plane shutter

Photographer Jonas Rask basically wrote a love letter to the camera. In his post, he states:

“So far this entire tsunami of words have acted like a long intro to what I’m about to write next. The entire raison d’être for the TX-1. The wide panoramic 65:24 aspect ratio. You might think that shooting these wide frames is easy because it will automatically seem very cinematic to the viewer, and hence tell a story per association. But if that’s your line of thought, then you couldn’t be more wrong! – Shooting the 65:24 format is some of the most challenging stuff I’ve thrown myself at photographically.”

Jonas did it right too! He shot with CineStill. CineStill is one of the few films that I’d probably consider shooting with today. Loads of film simulations can be emulated digitally. And let’s be honest, if all you care about is image quality, then all you need are the presets. To that end, you need to shoot with a film that can give you a unique look. CineStill can do that. So too can film from the Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative. They work with a pre-exposed film that works almost like a double exposure. SilberSalz35 is another who does what CineStill does but without removing the Remjet layer. So you’re basically just shooting on cinema film.

More photos of this beautiful camera are below. Won’t you give it a good home?

All images are from the listing by the seller, kyoto-japan_mall.

Chris Gampat

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