We Reviewed These Cameras That Double as the Best Webcams

These cameras make for fantastic webcams, and we’ve tested them to be sure!

Everyone needs a solid webcam these days. The good news is that your current camera can probably do just that. During the pandemic, manufacturers have been giving their cameras more capabilities. One of those involves being a solid webcam. On our YouTube, we’ve been showing lots of videos to test the autofocus on these cameras. They happen almost weekly on our Pro Camera Reviews show. More importantly, we’ve used them with a variety of lenses. Some have more lag, others just don’t have autofocus that can keep up. So here’s a roundup of great cameras that double as the best webcams.

Panasonic S5: A Speed Demon Amongst the Best Webcams

We’ve used the Panasonic S5 with a few different lenses from both Panasonic and Sigma. It always locks onto the face with no issues, and the focus transition is smooth too! For this, this camera ends up being one of the best webcams around.

In our review, we state:

“The Panasonic S5 has improved a whole lot with new autofocus algorithms. It’s much better. So much so that I’m revising my original score to give it five out of five stars.”

Buy Now: Usually around $1,997

Nikon Z5: Unique Image Quality Amongst the Best Webcams

The Nikon Z5 is one of their most impressive cameras. The autofocus on this thing really worked well with video, but even cooler are all the filters you can apply to the image. Pair it with a 35mm lens and you’ll be all set. As far as image quality goes, this one is unique. That’s why it’s one of the best webcams!

In our review, we state:

“The most impressive tests were with the Nikon Z5 as a webcam. The autofocus tracking in AF-F mode is incredibly fast. Nikon should be heavily commended here for their improvements and steps forward.”

Buy Now: Usually around $1,396.95

Pro Tip: Getting great video isn’t just about using your camera with Zoom, Hangouts, etc. You also need solid lighting. The ideal setup for most apartments involves two lights. Get a constant light on a stand with a shoot-through umbrella. Then get a daylight-balanced desk lamp on the other side. Eureka! You’re all set!

Panasonic S1: The One That Really Improved

The Panasonic S1 has really improved from its first launch. It’s the most rugged camera on this list, but Panasonic has used its video capabilities to make it into a top-notch webcam.

In our review, we state:

“Recently in an episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we used the Panasonic S1 as a webcam. The company recently released beta software to do just that. And boy, did they deliver! The Panasonic S1 seems to have zero lag between the sound and the video. In a live demonstration, folks were genuinely enthused with the autofocus tracking. I kept moving around and the camera would track my face almost immediately and within reason.”

Buy Now: Usually around $2,497

Sony a7r IV: High Resolution to High Quality Video

The Sony a7r IV wasn’t great at autofocus out of the box. After firmware updates came, it really improved. We’ve used it as a webcam with great results on our Pro Camera Reviews show.

In our review, we state:

“When it comes to autofocus, Sony has been leading the industry in terms of both speed and accuracy for some time. Sony baked its latest and greatest AF technologies into the A7R IV, and the autofocus performance on the A7R IV feels on par with what we’ve experienced on the Sony A9 running version 5.0 firmware.”

Buy Now: Usually around $3,499

Chris Gampat

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