How The Fujifilm X Pro 4 Can Be a Successful Camera

I adore the Fujifilm X Pro 3, and I really think the Fujifilm X Pro 4 needs a few things.

Depending on who you ask, the Fujifilm X Pro 3 is an awful camera. Those are the opinions of tons of people who care too much about letting technology do the work for them and chimping their exposures. But I’d go as far as saying that those photographers can’t think for themselves. The Fujifilm X Pro 3 is a camera for the thinking photographer, and my favorite camera they’ve made. In fact, it remains to be my favorite camera that I own. If Fujifilm wants to make it better, I implore them to not give in to the crowd. Here’s how the Fujifilm X Pro 4 should come to market!

Keep the Hidden LCD Screen, But Make It More Usable

The LCD screen is one of the biggest things about the Fujifilm X Pro 3. When using it for things like product photos, it can be a bit annoying and at times archaic. There is a way to make someone focus more on their shots than just the way the LCD screen is currently presented. With the X Pro 3, it’s a flip-down screen. There are times when I want to shoot something below me or overhead, and a versatile screen could’ve helped. A flip-out LCD perhaps, and a flatter e-Ink screen could work. Keep the screen hidden by maybe limiting how it can be swiveled. 

Make the Menu on the Fujifilm X Pro 4 Touch Capable

Fuji could’ve done that a long time ago to make their menus touch-capable on more X series camera bodies. Whenever I need to go into Fujifilm’s menus, the process is a long, tedious one. Touch navigation could make it easier and faster.

Lower the Megapixels on the Fujifilm X Pro 4

This is a big one. I think the X Pro 4 should have fewer megapixels. First off, these cameras have APS-C sensors. The more megapixels crammed into it, the sharper the images become. The sharper the images are, the more digital they look. In truth, if the X Pro 1’s sensor could do everything the X Pro 3 could, I’d be in love with it. Images from that camera really looked like film. But the X Pro 3 also does that with more details.

The beauty of film is that you don’t always see someone’s pores and all their skin details.

Give It a Real Microphone Jack

For the photojournalists out there, a working Microphone and the Headphone jack is pretty critical. Don’t tell me to go use the X-T4; I want a rangefinder-style body. The current microphone jacks are a joke and don’t accommodate most microphones. Give us real jacks please; it’s 2021 already!

Incorporate the X100V’s ISO Dial

I personally don’t mind the X Pro 3’s ISO dial being doubled with the shutter speed dial. In fact, I love it. But the X100V’s approach is friendlier and has more mass appeal. Maybe bring that up to this camera?

Lock the Exposure Compensation Dial

Many times, I’ve found myself accidentally bumping this dial. Let’s get an option to lock it in place, please!

Give It Actual, Meaningful Firmware Updates

As of this writing, I feel like Fujifilm is majorly rejecting their most expensive X series camera. If they keep doing this, they’ll need to seriously drop the price to move units the way they did with the X-H1. If they just give it better firmware updates, people would want to buy it more.

Improve the Autofocus More

The autofocus advice here is tied to the firmware updates. The X Pro 3 deserves much better autofocus. I hope that they give it to the X Pro 4.

Give Us a Brass Version of the Fujifilm X Pro 4

The X Pro 3 is made of titanium and has a Dura Coat (if you purchase that option). This coat ensures it stays pristine. And it’s awesome that they licensed the technology from the Citizen Watch company. But what if we want patina over time? Just imagine how gorgeous a beaten up X Pro 4 could look with brass peaking out of the top plate?

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.