It’s Really Easy to Use! HY Magnetic Filter Holder System Review

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System is an innovative and easy way for photographers to attach filters to their cameras.

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System uses magnets to remedy an inconvenience for photographers. With this one system, there’s no need to have a ton of filters; you can theoretically use one filter across many lenses. The savings can add up too! Buying different Neutral Density and Circular Polarizing Filters can get pricey. The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System is a super user-friendly alternative.

Migrating to the system is easy too. The H&Y’s Magnetic Filter Frames can use any 100 × 100mm and 100 × 150mm filters. The key is H&Y’s proprietary 95mm Drop-In Circular Filters. With this, they can attach magnetically. We’ve been testing the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System for the past month or so. Check out how it fared below.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Attaches and detaches quickly
  • Filter holder can be locked in place or rotate freely
  • Innovative Magnetic Filter Frames stack together and attach to the filter holder easily
  • Eliminates misalignment issues that can occur when inserting square or rectangular filters into conventional filter holders
  • All K-Series filters are made using super-strong Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Drop-In filters swap in/out easily
  • Ball-bearing locking mechanism keeps Drop-In filters secure
  • No noticeable light leaks from the filter system
  • Can adapt industry-standard 100 × 100mm and 100 × 150mm filters using H&Y’s Magnetic Filter Frames


  • Only one drop-in filter can be used at a time
  • Filter holder doesn’t attach to adapter rings via magnets
  • Magnetic filters can get detached from the holder if enough force is applied

Gear Used

We tested the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System using the following:

Tech Specs

Tech Specs for the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System taken from H&Y’s official website:

  • IN USE:
    • The H&Y K-Series holder is perfect for landscape and outdoor photography. With its innovative patented design, you can quickly connect and remove filters thanks to its magnetic system when using the H&Y magnetic frame on your 2mm thick filters.
    • The H&Y K-Series holder easily attaches to the front of your lens using the supplied step rings, size 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, & 82mm. The holder uses a quick-release mechanism to secure itself to the ring and can be secured in place or left to rotate 360 degrees.
    • The H&Y holder accepts 95mm drop-in circular filters at the rear of the frame, which are manufactured using high-quality aluminum frames and are independent from the filters that are magnetically connected to the holder giving you more control over how you want to take your pictures.
    • Included with the H&Y holder is a 95mm drop-in Circular Polarizer made from German Schott B270 glass and features HD polishing and Japanese polarising film with multi nano coatings. Other 95mm Neutral Density & Polariser drop-in filters are available to buy separately.
    • 1 × K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder
    • 1 × 95mm Drop-In Circular Polarizer
    • Step rings: 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, & 82mm
    • 1 × Case for Holder
  • Special lens-specific version filter holders available for the following:


We’ve attached the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder to a Sony A7R III and Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN Art here. The bundled Drop-In CPL was installed as well.

Look closer, and you’ll realize the absence of square and rectangular filter slots. In their place are magnetic strips on both sides of the H&Y K-Series Filter Holder. They can support up to three filters stacked together magnetically. Each magnetic filter can slide up and down. This makes fine-tuning 100 × 150mm graduated ND filters an easy task. The thumbscrew on the right can lock the first magnetic filter in place if needed. The foam gaskets around the opening helps prevent potential light leaks.

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder features a Drop-In filter slot up top. We’ve partially inserted a Drop-In CPL Filter here. Embedded within both sides of the opening are spring-loaded ball bearing locks. They lock into place automatically when Drop-In filters are fully inserted. The filters won’t fall out even if you flipped the holder upside down. You can also easily swap out the Drop-In filters by pulling them out of the slot.

The knobs on both sides of the filter holder keep it attached to the adapter ring. To remove the holder, simply loosen both knobs. Foam washers sit between the knobs and the filter holder. You can tighten the knobs all the way so that the holder will stay in place. Alternatively, you can also keep them just finger tight, which will allow you to rotate the folder.

Being able to rotate the filter holder makes 100 × 150mm filters a breeze to use. Above is an over-exaggerated example.

Bring a K-Series 100 × 100mm or 100 × 150mm filters near the holder, and they will magnetically snap into place: way quicker than sliding filters into slots on bog-standard filter holders.

Up to four filters can be used in tandem with the H&Y K-Series Filter Holder: three magnetic filters and one Drop-In filter.

Four adapter rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, & 82mm) come included with H&Y K-Series Filter Holder. Additional adapter rings (49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, & 86mm) are available separately.

Here are a small sample of filters compatible with the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder. The Drop-In slot’s removable cover is in the upper left. It prevents light leaks when no Drop-In filters are installed. Below that is a Drop-In 10 Stop ND filter. Next to them are a 5 Stop ND & CPL combo filter alongside the standard CPL that comes bundled with the holder. On the right are a pair of 100 × 150mm K-Series Magnetic Filters (Reverse Graduated 2 Stop ND & Soft Graduated 3 Stop ND filters). Standalone H&Y Magnetic Filter Frames are available for photographers wanting to use third-party 100 × 100mm and 100 × 150mm filters with the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder.

H&Y includes a small case (pictured left) with the K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder bundle. Photographers carrying multiple filters may want to invest in the optional filter pouch with room for eight filters.

Build Quality

“The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System is the most robust filter system we’ve tested thus far.”

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder is lightweight yet well-built thanks to its anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction. We tested the filter system all over NYC. We even tested it out on the East End of Long Island. During our tests, we subjected it to just about everything short of fire and snow. We’ve placed the holder onto rocks or concrete when swapping out lenses or filters. Through it all, it still looks practically brand new. Plenty of passersby have bumped into it too. Luckily, everything survived unscathed (more on this shortly). It’s even been rained on and survived being blasted by sand and North Atlantic waves. Despite it all, we couldn’t find a single scratch, dent, crack, or rust on any of the filters or the holder itself. The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System is the most robust filter system we’ve tested. It’s even sturdier than Haida’s M10 Filter Holder System, which earned five out of five stars.

Unintentional Drop Test

Let’s focus briefly on the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filters. We’re known for our rigorous build quality testing here at The Phoblographer. But, our drop test was by complete happenstance. While avoiding a mask-less passerby (seriously, wear a mask people!), we accidentally bumped the filter system into a signpost. One of the Magnetic Filters went flying as a result. It fell onto the pavement from about 5 feet high. Thankfully, all K-Series filters are made using Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Impressively, we didn’t find any scratches or cracks on the filter. Lesser filters wouldn’t have been so lucky. The magnetic frame likely provided some drop protection as well. Well done, H&Y.

Ease of Use

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System is by far the most intuitive filter system we’ve used. The innovative magnetic attachment system is the obvious highlight. Attaching and swapping magnetic filters is significantly faster than inserting filters into conventional filter holders. It also eliminates the common filter misalignment issue as well.

The magnetic filters are honestly super easy to use. The holder can support up to three of them stacked together. And let’s not forget you still have the Drop-In filter slot. That’s up to four filters total, more than most photographers will ever need at one time. The magnetic filters are also easy to slide up and down when attached. This is very useful when working with graduated filters. H&Y could take things even further with magnets, though. A K-Series 2.0 where filter holders also attach to adapter rings via magnets would be awesome.

One note about stacking the magnetic filters together: you can attach the filters onto the holder from either side. When stacking magnetic filters together, however, their polarities must be aligned. Note the star symbols on the magnetic filter frame on the right. They’re indicator of the frame’s polarity. Make sure all the frames are facing the same side when stacking them together.

Image Quality

One area photographers should never skimp on is with filters. Fortunately, the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter System exhibits none of the issues plaguing low-quality alternatives. Images created using the K-Series system were color accurate, and loss of contrast or detail was a nonissue.

We created these long exposure sample images using the H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System. All of these images were processed using Capture One 20 Pro (Build Processing ranged from color grading, levels adjustment, cropping, and/or perspective correction. As a matter of ethics, none of the sample images seen within this review have been retouched. We’ve done this to let you judge the image quality produced using this filter system for yourself.



  • Lightweight and well built
  • Innovative magnetic attachment system
  • Ability to adapt existing 100 × 100mm and 100 × 150mm filters using Magnetic Filter Frames


  • None honestly, although would love to see an upgraded version that lets you magnetically attach the holder to the adapter rings

H&Y knocked it out of the park with its K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System. It marries innovative design with exceptional build quality. It’s a worthy investment for photographers in need of a versatile filter system. The Magnetic Filter Holder and Filter Frames are the stars of the show here. They’re huge improvements over conventional alternatives. H&Y making the Magnetic Filter Frames available separately was a stroke of genius too. This makes upgrading to the K-Series system much less painful. And photographers won’t have to abandon any 100 × 100mm and 100 × 150mm filters they may already own.

The H&Y K-Series Magnetic Filter Holder System earns five out of five stars. It’s available now from Amazon for $229.00.