The 3 Best Stealthy Cameras for Street Photography Ninjas

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We’re usually the ones that work with interchangeable lens cameras. But personally speaking, all I want is a single good compact camera. Lots have come close. But none are perfect. I want a camera that can do everything. So that means a useful focal length, good image quality, and solid performance. And these cameras are some of the best. What’s more, these are truly Cameras for Street Photography. And that’s very important these days!

We’ve gone into our reviews index on the site to look for the best compact cameras. Specifically, we searched for the best Cameras for Street Photography. These cameras have great image quality, large sensors, good lenses, and can nail the shot. In the case of the Ricoh, you’re best off not using autofocus. But that image quality is something special. 

Of course, these cameras are also very low profile. So you should use them without fear. Just be upfront with your intentions and connect to your own emotions. Capture those moments and interesting geometry. And most of all, always be safe!

Ricoh GR III: The King of Stealthy Street Photography

In our review, we state:

“One of the best things about the lens on the Ricoh GR III is the sharpness of the lens. It’s great even at f2.8. Combine this with the details that the sensor can render and there is no reason to complain. If anything, the images look like bleeding edge sharpness and a bit like older Rokinon lenses when it comes to output.”

Sample Images

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Pro Tip: We’ve chosen each of the best cameras for street photography based on their image quality. The Ricoh has this cool Slide film look. Fujifilm can emulate all sorts of films. Leica has this lovely color. To get more out of your street photography, we recommend doing some learning at home with a good course. When you’re ready, go outside and practically apply those lessons you’ve learned.

Fujifilm X100V: The Most Reliable for Street Photography

In our review, we state:

“17×22 prints from the Fujifilm X100V are fantastic. Specifically, we printed images at ISO 6400 on the Canon Prograf-1000 and Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique II. They’re well detailed and clean, but we have to admit that we’ve seen prints from full frame sensors that are more detailed. Either way, it’s fine. I just wouldn’t print super duper large. Like, I wouldn’t print something twice your height and width at ISO 6400.”

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Buy Now: $1,399

Leica Q2: The Toughest Camera for Street Photography

In our review, we state:

“Working with the Leica Q2 Monochrom centered me mentally. Working with it made me just shut up and shoot instead of sitting here complaining about one thing or another. There are lots of factors adding to this. You’re liberated from ISO issues. You don’t really care about the color depth. And the dynamic range is good enough that you can rely on post-production if needed. The lens is very capable and the autofocus is also very reliable. Because you don’t need to worry about the ISO issues, you don’t have to be afraid of shooting into otherwise nuclear levels. If that doesn’t sound liberating to you, I don’t know that will.”

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Buy Now: $5,995