Do You Think AI Is Helping Or Destroying Photography?

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed AI in Photography.

AI in photography is a very touchy subject. It can surely make cameras and lenses much more effective. But we also shouldn’t use it as a crutch. We’re perfectly capable of doing many things. And we just need to be more experienced. AI is surely changing the way that we do photography. It will also change it for future generations. So we’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Is AI Helping Or Destroying Photography in This Episode

Is AI Helping Or Destroying Photography?: Artificial intelligence in photography has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. We’re now starting to see more cameras and image editing software like Luminar and Photoshop incorporate deep machine learning. While there are many pros to this technology, we can’t help but wonder how much damage it may also be causing. Join us as we talk about the positive and negative sides of artificial intelligence in photography and how it should be handled in the future.

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You’re Printing Your Photos All Wrong: We know for a fact that people don’t know how to print their images. But we’ve been doing it for years. In fact, it’s been a major part of our camera testing for a long time now. So we’re going to do a specific segment around how we print. Editor in Chief Chris Gampat will use the Canon Prograf 1000 printer and Canon’s own Pro Luster paper to get it done. And we’re going to dispell lots of myths about how it’s done.

Why Unsplash is Cancer for Photographers: Unsplash has been a cancer in the photography industry for a few years now. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they trick photographers into uploading their images under the guise of photo competitions only to take all image rights. Unsplash partners with multi-billion dollar companies. These companies can then use the images royalty-free with no need to credit the photographer. More and more photography based companies and websites, which are supposedly for photographers, continue to use and partner with Unsplash. Join us as we discuss why Unsplash is doing more harm than good in our industry, and learn how to protect your work.

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