Learn How to Capture Perfect Landscape Light with Nigel Danson

The Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions course is part of the fantastic 5Day Deal photography bundle, which can be yours for just $89!

Have you ever wished that you could capture gorgeous lighting in your landscape photos all the time? Did you know that there are steps you can take to ensure that you find ideal conditions regularly? Nigel Danson’s landscape lighting course shows how to be in the right place at the right time. Get inside the mind of one of the UK’s most celebrated landscape photographers. If you’re a landscape photographer, this course is a must-have. I recently completed the tutorial, and I’m inspired to put his practices into action. This guide from Nigel Danson usually retails for the cost of the 25 lessons you’ll find in the $89 5DayDeal Photography Bundle. You’ll find our short review of Nigel Danson’s Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions tutorial after the break.

Image taken from Nigel Danson’s Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions tutorial

Landscape photography looks easy on the surface. However, it’s one of the most complex genres you can get into. There are so many things to consider when it comes to landscape photography, and the most important aspect is lighting. You can find yourself surrounded by the most gorgeous subject matter. Still, if the lighting is wrong, you’ll end up with a flat, two-dimensional image, and nobody wants that. That’s where Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions from Nigel Danson comes into play. This course is one of 25 that can make up the 2020 edition of the Complete Photography Bundle from 5DayDeal. It’s a stunner.

Become Better at Landscape Photography Quickly

Nigel Danson
Image taken from Nigel Danson’s Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions tutorial

This particular tutorial from Nigel Danson is a relatively quick, but information-packed 29-minute video. It’s hard to imagine learning a lot from a video that’s under 30 minutes. However, Nigel presents his ideas clearly. He explains his thought process, and he shows examples of his work that drive home his points. I have been photographing landscapes for many years. Now, I have some new tricks to try thanks to this tutorial.

Thanks to smartphones and apps, we can now plan in advance of our photography trips. Sometimes when we are out, we can come across locations that we know will be great. Still, if the lighting is terrible, it can be hard to get an image. It’s essential to make a note of the location. This way, you can return at a later date to try again. Nigel Danson shows how to use apps that will put you back at that location at the right time.

It’s All in the Apps

Nigel Danson
Image taken from Nigel Danson’s Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions tutorial.

Nigel loves using apps to help him plan when the best light and conditions show themselves. Nigel’s arsenal of apps includes Photopills, which shows the sun’s position and path of its light. TPE (The Photographers Ephemeris) is used for 3D maps that show how shadows will fall over your chosen location at specific times. You can plan trips months in advance by doing this. Some apps display when fog will form, or when clouds will hang low or high in the sky. With these apps, you can absolutely put yourself in the right place at the right time. Nigel Danson will show you how to make the planning process easy.

Sunrise Vs. Sunset, Woodland Photography, and Rainy Days

Nigel Danson
Image taken from Nigel Danson’s Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions tutorial

Should you shoot at sunrise or sunset? This is always a difficult decision to make when you find a stunning location. In this course, Nigel Danson will explain why he prefers sunrise to sunset. Nigel’s split is roughly 70% sunrise and 30% sunsets. Nigel explains why he thinks one is better than the other. I learned a lot about atmospheric conditions in this segment and am eager to go out and experiment. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after watching the guide.

You’re going to learn a lot about how to position yourself to make the most of the light that’s available. Nigel demonstrates how to use the sun to backlight elements in your landscape photography. This method will add incredible depth to your images and will make flat images a thing of the past. You’ll learn about the benefits of shooting when the sun is hanging low, and how light can direct a viewer’s eyes.

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Do you struggle to make landscape images on overcast days? Nigel Danson explains how to incorporate dynamic elements that make the most of soft light from gray skies. You’ll be amazed when you learn how to add interest to your shots on the gloomiest of days. Nigel will also explain why one of the best times to do landscape photography is when it’s raining. As I mentioned above, you’re going to learn a lot about landscape photography in a short amount of time. If you want a unique perspective on this challenging subject, this is one course you don’t want to miss.

The 5DayDeal Difference

Nigel Danson

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