The Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR Looks So Tempting

Photographers should be excited about the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR being announced today.

If you weren’t already in love with Fujifilm’s lenses, then the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR will give you a major reason to be. Just imagine it: a weather-sealed wide-angle zoom lens with Fujifilm Velvia. In my eyes, this is precisely what landscape photographers have wanted. As a 15-35mm equivalent lens, it’s going to serve lots of landscape photographers well. But I also think that cityscape shooters will appreciate it. Most of all, the lens is weather-sealed–unlike its predecessor. And if it’s anything like some of the more recent Fujifilm lenses, then we’re very excited about it.

Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR Tech Specs

  • Weather-resistant design
  • 14 elements in 10 groups
  • 4 ED elements
  • 4 Aspherical elements
  • Constant f4 aperture throughout the range
  • The F-Stop scale on the aperture
  • This lens weighs 25 grams
  • 7 aperture blades
  • 72mm filter thread
  • Minimum focus of 9.5 inches
  • $999.95 price point
  • 3.5 stops of image stabilization
  • With the XT-4, you’ll get 6.5 stops.
  • Available for purchase November 2020

What This Lens Means for the Company

I think that the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR is truly giving photographers another reason to be excited. First off, let’s start with 6.5 stops of image stabilization. That means you can shoot at a lower ISO setting and get blur-free photos. This is great for night shooting, long exposures, and lots more. Both the Fujifilm X-T4 and the X-H1 already have both weather sealing and image stabilization. So this lens is going to be fantastic for the photographers who genuinely need it.

Now let’s think about this more: Is this innovative at all? It sort of is. Canon has a similar optic in full-frame. Sony has something similar too. But only Canon has image stabilization built into the lens with a wider aperture. Now, Fujifilm has it also. It’s probably a matter of time until the Fujifilm 8-16mm f2.8 R LM WR gets this update too. However, when the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR is going to offer photographers a whole lot. When the pandemic is over, and photographers can travel again, I can’t see this not being a go-to travel lens. I could imagine myself finally taking a break from work in Frankfurt or Barcelona with a lens like this. It would probably be the only thing I bring with me. Weighing in at 25 grams, I think I’d be stupid to not have this strapped to my X Pro 3 and walking around all day. This lens, with Classic Chrome or Negative shot at +1 EV, would deliver such stunning images. And more importantly, I probably wouldn’t need to do any post-processing. That’s my dream. We spend so much time in front of computer screens that I just don’t want to do it anymore. If I have to, then I admire what Capture One does with Fujifilm’s RAW files. But I try not to spend more time than I need to in post-production.

Fujifilm is in a spot where they’ve developed pretty much every lens they need. Of course, I think they need more lenses for wildlife photography. But that’s just me, I guess. They’re at a stage where everything needs a revamp. And in the new roadmap, we can see a new XF 18mm f1.4 lens. Plus, there’s an XF 70-300mm f4-5.6 OIS lens.

I’m very excited to see what Fujifilm will deliver. They’re actually trying to be different from all the rest out there. And that’s incredibly admirable.