Why I Still Adore the Fujifilm X Pro 1 Years After It Came Out

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 is still one of Chris’s favorite cameras.

In one of the latest episodes of Pro Camera Reviews, Chris discussed his love of the Fujifilm X Pro 1. This camera came from a time when photographers were deep into their editing mentality. The sensor was touted to deliver full frame image quality and better colors in some cases. Further, it was Fujifilm’s first interchangeable lens camera in the mirrorless world. So we talked about our love for this camera. Oh, and they’re cheap still on eBay.

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 In This Episode

Why I Still Adore the Fujifilm X Pro 1: I’ve owned a number of Fujifilm cameras over the years. But the one that I’ll probably never sell is the Fujifilm X Pro 1. It uses the older 16MP X Trans sensor and was Fuji’s first ILC. Paired with small, fast, prime lenses, there’s little better than this camera. By modern standards, the Fujifilm X Pro 1 is very antiquated. But it’s still a very capable camera. Chris will lead the conversation by diving into what he adores about the Fujifilm X Pro 1. He’ll also discuss how the X Pro 2 lost its way and how the series came back home with the Fujifilm X Pro 3. The team will also discuss what made the X Pro 1 unique, like the OVF/EVF feature, the sensor, the rangefinder camera body style, the retro aesthetic, etc.

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The Panasonic G100: Somewhat of an Oddball Camera: There’s no denying that Panasonic has been focusing heavily on its newer Full-Frame Lumix platform than its Micro Four Thirds offerings over the last couple of years. The company’s push into the Full-Frame arena with the L Mount alliance has seen the M4/3 platform pushed out of the limelight. However, a new M4/3 camera did hit the streets this year. The Panasonic G100 is somewhat of an oddball camera that has been designed to capture the hearts of videographers and hybrid content creators. Does it have what it takes to compete with other cameras in its price point? Find out as we offer our thoughts about it.

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