One Camera Brand Has Issues in Our Weather Sealing Simulation

We saw people try to test 4k 60p video for a half hour; so we figured we’d do something equally stupid with weather sealing.

Go ahead! Tell us how stupid the test we did on Pro Camera Reviews was. But also keep in mind that some folks try to record video at 60p 4k for a half hour. Our test involved pouring water on cameras from a thermos. It simulates the weather sealing tests we do in real life, but in a little bit of time. Best of all: pretty much everything kept working! So if you’re going for the top line mirrorless cameras, know that they’ll be fine in most rain.

In This Episode

How Waterproof Is Your Camera?: Most phones these days are able to go underwater for a little while at a time, but can your camera? We explore the difference between waterproof, water-resistant, weather-resistant, and weather sealed. And we also do a bit of a torture test to show what’s possible with these cameras!

PS: The Sony a7r III was fine after we vacuumed the water out of the hot shoe.

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Photography Trends That Need to Die: New trends in photography are a fantastic thing. Trends show that someone was creative and original enough for their new technique or unique style to become popular with the masses. Still, some trends outstay their welcome. A recent comment left on our Facebook page made me realize that trends, while good, can also do harm. I can say that I have fallen victim to some of these trends, and we’re sure you have too. In this segment, we will talk about a few trends that took the photography world by storm not long ago. However, due to overuse, these trends need to die so that people’s eyes can be opened up to new possibilities.

Final Thoughts on the Canon EOS R5: Editor in Chief Chris Gampat has spent a long time testing the Canon EOS R5. And besides the colors, he’s overall in love with the camera and its capabilities. There are talks of overheating issues on the web. But they make no practical sense. Chris and Brett will discuss the camera. This is surely Canon’s best. The Phoblographer’s audience is mostly photographers. So we’ve found that photographers care more about certain things than videographers do. And journalists will care about both. For all practicality, the Canon EOS R5 embodies the spirit of the workhorse of the DSLRs it’s succeeding. We’ll dive more into this in the segment!

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