5 Astonishing Women Doing Boudoir Photography Tutorials on YouTube

Experience boudoir photography tutorials through the female gaze.

Boudoir photography can be a whole lot of fun, both for the model and the photographer. But those elegant, attractive, and sensual photos are not easy to achieve, especially if you’re working with non-models. You need plenty of knowledge to do it, and even more if you want to do it well. Because most boudoir subjects are female, we wanted to put this piece together from the female photographers’ perspective. Because, after all, who knows about women’s bodies better than women themselves? Check out these women doing boudoir photography tutorials on YouTube.

Boudoir Photography on YouTube

To help convey the technique involved in boudoir photography, we’re turning to YouTube. We’ve selected five videos, all created by women photographers, that will take you from knowing nothing about boudoir photography to getting ready for your first shoot (or improving on your current experience).

1. Yuliya Panchenko Photography

Yuliya Panchenko is an award-winning photographer from Baku, Azerbaijan. Her video with boudoir photography tutorials is perfect for those who prefer long-form tutorials. Instead of uploading snippy tips and tricks, Panchenko published a full 45-minute shoot. Taking you from setting the scene and keeping your model engaged to poses and lighting, there’s no detail left untouched in this boudoir photography video.

2. TheSnapChick

Because boudoir photography exposes much of the body, it can often leave a subject feeling vulnerable. Because of this, many who wish to have a boudoir shoot (including female photographers) don’t due to the nerves that come with it. But there’s a perfect solution – self-portraits. There are many photographers offering boudoir photography tutorials on the subject. However, we rewound way back to 2015 to find this video by TheSnapChick. It’s more of a listen rather than a watch, but the detail is so great and well explained that you will know exactly how to turn the camera on yourself should you wish.

3. Critsey Rowe

The great thing about Critsey Rowe is she understands how women feel in front of the camera, especially if they’re not experienced. Rowe writes, “So many women say the same thing – that they are worried they won’t look sexy but will end up looking awkward.” And she knows it’s her job to help them overcome that – and it will be your job too. In the video below, Rowe aims at the true beginner. Those who are curious about getting into the genre, but are unsure how. If you’ve been shooting already, this one’s not for you. But if you are desperate to take your first step into boudoir photography, hit the play button now!

4. The High Rollers Club (THRC)

We selected this video from THRC, not because of the technical aspect, but the business one. Many photographers are either doing it as a hobby or as a side gig. It takes a lot of work to make it your full-time hustle. You don’t just quit your job and say, “I’m a photographer now.” You have to build your business, and you have to have the know-how. In this video, two women photographers discuss the path taken from doing the 9-5 to working your dream. It’s very interesting and totally inspiring!

5. Elizabeth Clem

Elizabeth Clem is a boudoir photographer who travels the world. We enjoyed the BTS video as it focused on the importance of having a good location for your boudoir shoot. Take note of how Clem interacts with her subject. She’s extremely patient, shows how to pose, and has empathy. When people are vulnerable, having empathy as the photographer is one of the most important skills. Clem is a master of it. Learn it, and become one too!

Your Favorite Women Shooting Boudoir Photography

We know you’ll enjoy the five videos we’ve shared. Who do you like to get your education from when browsing boudoir shoots on YouTube. We would love to see your suggestions, and so would the rest of our readers!

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