How to Tell if Your Favorite YouTube Photographer Has Actual Value

Your favorite YouTube photographer may be popular, but do they know what they’re talking about?

YouTube is a popular place to educate yourself. And its major selling point is people can learn new skills without paying a cent! Due to the rise and success of the platform, people are jumping on and creating content, hoping to gather a mass following. Some photographers have become very successful at it. But there’s a difference between a good YouTube photographer and a good marketer. Let’s take a look.

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Video: Jamie Windsor Shares the Truth on Being Successful on YouTube

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Photographers who create content for YouTube can get a bad rep. Often seen as fame-hungry attention seekers, only concerned about views and popularity, some industry members reject their credibility as skilled photographers. But that can hardly be fair. Surely there’s more depth to a photographer who makes YouTube content? I was eager to find out. So I invited popular YouTuber Jamie Windsor on to The Phoblographer’s official podcast: Inside The Photographers Mind.

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It’s Time to Accept The Faces of Photography Are Changing

The faces of photography are changing, and many of us need to get comfortable with that.

Like most of society, the photography community is protective of its elders. Those that came before and paved the way are held in the highest regards – and rightly so! People see names like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Diane Arbus as the masters. While the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Steve McCurry have long been some of the industry’s poster boys and girls. But times are changing, and here’s why we need to accept it.

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The Harsh Truth About YouTube and Photography

YouTube is a great platform for photographers, but there’s a problem.

YouTube has certainly opened the door for content creators. The platform is now flooded with channels dedicated to photography. Too flooded, some may say. And while there’s certainly some good photography content on YouTube, many creators are making the same stuff. There’s a reason for this – let’s take a look.

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5 Astonishing Women Doing Boudoir Photography Tutorials on YouTube

Experience boudoir photography tutorials through the female gaze.

Boudoir photography can be a whole lot of fun, both for the model and the photographer. But those elegant, attractive, and sensual photos are not easy to achieve, especially if you’re working with non-models. You need plenty of knowledge to do it, and even more if you want to do it well. Because most boudoir subjects are female, we wanted to put this piece together from the female photographers’ perspective. Because, after all, who knows about women’s bodies better than women themselves? Check out these women doing boudoir photography tutorials on YouTube.

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