Canon Just Made a Smaller Version of One of Their Best Printers

The new Canon ProGraf Pro 300 printer takes some of the ProGraf 1000’s best features and makes it smaller and more affordable.

While Canon is celebrating a lot today with their new EOS R5 and EOS R6, the truest bunch of photographers will probably be most interested in the company’s latest printer. The Canon ProGraf Pro 300 printer is aimed at advanced amateurs and students. It takes lots of the features from the ProGraf 1000, which is what we use to do all of our high ISO testing. Capable of printing at 13 x 19 inches, it uses a 10 color ink system with a new matte black ink. Plus, the photo black and matte black will have their own nozzles. That’s important, and the process starts when you tell the printer what paper you’re using. When we’re printing from Capture One, we always do this. Of course, it means you need to physically get up and dial in the closest Canon equivalent paper type.

Considering that this is one of the company’s smaller pro printers, it’s also priced at $899. That’s not too bad of a price point, though I suggest that everyone wait until the holidays when Canon does a massive price drop on printers and basically gives them away. Where Canon really makes their money is probably with their paper and their ink. I’ll fully admit that I like Canon’s printers more than Epson’s (though at the higher end I really like Epson’s Legacy paper). In between all of that you can consider MOAB, which is a pretty solid budget option. But our favorite paper to do high ISO tests with is Canon’s Pro Luster paper. It delivers the finest details and extra pop you need in the right lighting.

What’s not addressed here are some of the much needed modernizations like a touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities. However, with all this, Canon is also introducing a new paper that they’re calling Fine Art Rough. We’re assuming it’s something like the rag papers that we’ve seen around.

Canon ProGraf Pro 300 Printer Specs

  • ProGraf Pro 300 Printer
  • Completes the Pro printer line-up
  • Aimed at advanced amateurs, students
  • 10 color ink system
  • New matte blank ink
  • Both photo black and matte blacks have their own nozzles
  • Prints 13×19
  • New panorama printing support up to 39″ long from a roll
  • Features a nozzle recovery system
  • Automatic skew correction system straighten the paper
  • Bordered print take 4m 15s
  • It’s 15% smaller than the Pro 10
  • $899 available August 2020
  • Same print quality as pro graf 1000
  • Cartridges are just 14.4ml
  • Same print head as pro 1000
  • New paper being released at same time – fine art rough 310 weight