4 Handy Items a Professional Photographer’s Computer Can Use

Being a professional photographer isn’t really all that simple. You need a lot of stuff. As if the business side of the job wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of essentials beyond cameras that are necessary. What’s more, the world of photography keeps evolving, and the needs keep changing. Lucky for you, we’ve tested lots of the gear you need. So we dove into the reviews index to look at everything you could possibly ask for. Here’s what we recommend for a photographer’s computer.

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Canon Just Made a Smaller Version of One of Their Best Printers

The new Canon ProGraf Pro 300 printer takes some of the ProGraf 1000’s best features and makes it smaller and more affordable.

While Canon is celebrating a lot today with their new EOS R5 and EOS R6, the truest bunch of photographers will probably be most interested in the company’s latest printer. The Canon ProGraf Pro 300 printer is aimed at advanced amateurs and students. It takes lots of the features from the ProGraf 1000, which is what we use to do all of our high ISO testing. Capable of printing at 13 x 19 inches, it uses a 10 color ink system with a new matte black ink. Plus, the photo black and matte black will have their own nozzles. That’s important, and the process starts when you tell the printer what paper you’re using. When we’re printing from Capture One, we always do this. Of course, it means you need to physically get up and dial in the closest Canon equivalent paper type.

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