Video Review: Is the Fujifilm XT4 Your Next Camera?

Photographers are going to like the new Fujifilm XT4 for several reasons, including the image stabilization.

Reviews Editor Paul Ip has been working on his review of the Fujifilm XT4. He’s used it for landscapes, long exposures at night, protests, and a bunch of other things. The new camera received a few significant specs updates. While it uses the same sensor, the camera has an image-stabilized sensor. It also has a more pronounced grip than previous XT cameras have. It’s not quite as big as the one on the XH1, but it’s pretty significant. There is also the addition of the Bleach Bypass filter and a few other updates. But if you’ve been a fan of the Fujifilm XT series of cameras, Paul dives into whether or not this camera is for you.

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In This Video

Paul joins Brett and Chris in discussing the camera. Listen to his insights. Most impressive: the new battery lets Paul shoot for more than a day on a single charge and in Boost Mode.

“Photographers familiar with Fujifilm’s other X-series cameras will be right at home when picking up the X-T4. The changes made to some of the dials and buttons felt intuitive. The new articulating touchscreen on the XT4 was particularly useful when shooting at odd angles that would’ve prooved quite difficult with the XT3. Having only shot with the Fujifilm X-T4 for about an hour, we’ll need to spend more time with the camera before we can render a more comprehensive verdict on its overall usability. Again, please stay tuned for our upcoming full review.” Our First Impressions

Fujifilm XT4 Sample Images

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