The Inspiring Winners of the “Only the Best” Challenge by GuruShots

Here are the inspiring winners of the “Only the Best” Photo Challenge with GuruShots.

Recently, we did a contest with GuruShots where we asked folks for “Only the Best” photos as part of the challenge. And we’re officially showcasing the winners right here and now. The contest shows off some beautiful work from talented photographers all over the world. These photographers and the submissions highlight a very key thing in the world right now: diversity. And in a beautiful way, I’d like to think that this natural spice of life is given center stage in this contest. There are so many points of view, skill levels, subjects, and genres in these top 100 photos from the “Only the Best” contest. So, are you ready to be inspired? To find out more, and to sign up and take part in the next challenge, visit

Nick Art, Top Photographer

The top photographer in this contest is Nick Art. Nick hails from the United States, and this photo above showcases a very surreal landscape. We’re used to seeing lots of photos of seascapes, but how many have a tree in the center like this? And how many have such gorgeous, painterly colors to them?

Wilson Valverde, Top Photo

Look at this! How is this not incredibly gorgeous?! In every single section you see something different. The photo is essentially five different parts. there are the trees on the left, the foreground on the bottom left, the reflective water on the bottom right, the trees on the right, and the sky. Combine that with the beautiful moment and any landscape photographer is bound to sit there staring at this photo.

Atahar Masum, Guru’s Top Pick

This is such a cool shot. Atahar calls this photo, “Disguise,” and it’s made better by the high contrast black and white look to it. Black and white is such an effective tool when the colors in the scene aren’t very important. Instead, it aims to highlight details at times. And that’s what we’re getting here.

This photo above is from Dave Howard. And again, the reflections and the framing make this a shot that you could stare at for a while. Quite honestly, this is the type of photo that you’d need to print and look at on a wall.

Another stunning photo is that of Catherine Litster. This single flower is gorgeous and curious at the same time. There are three primary colors: black, pink/purple, and green. And the background makes this image just pop so much more.

Editor’s Note: This contest was sponsored by GuruShots.

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