Wes Eisenhauer’s Curious Double Exposures of the NASA Facility

If you’re into creative photography techniques, you might get some good ideas from some NASA Facility double exposures by Wes Eisenhauer.

We typically see double exposures being used to merge two different ideas or subjects into a surreal or eye-catching imagery. However, it’s not the only way to create something interesting through the creative technique. Wes Eisenhauer shows us how he used it to make a visual summary of how awesome his visit to a NASA facility turned out. If you’re looking for more ideas for your next double exposure project, this is certainly worth your interest.

Wes shared that he had gone to visit multiple NASA sites over the last two years as part of the agency’s social media efforts and social program. The first of these trips was in Cape Canaveral, Florida to photograph a SpaceX launch for a cargo mission to the ISS.

The next trip was last December, when NASA reached out to him about an opportunity to come to New Orleans to photograph an event called Artemis Day. There, he would be able to get up close to photograph the vessel that will take the next women and men to the Moon as part of the Artemis 1 mission. “I got to tour NASA’s Michoud facility where they assemble and mount the rocket engines, get up close to the engines of the craft, and talk with NASA scientists. It was really cool!”

Of course, we can imagine how it was a really cool experience and he was able to document everything in photos. However, he decided to do something a little extra out of the ton of snaps he took. Yes, you guessed it: double exposures. “I thought it was a fun way to summarize my trip and all the things I saw in a few concise images. I was beyond honored that NASA would have me involved with this project and I hope to make this a yearly occurrence with NASA’s social team.”

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All photos by Wes Eisenhauer. Used with permission.