Andrei Certan Lives Moments in Life Through His Double Exposures

“My creativity is fueled by all the restrictions I give myself,” says film photography enthusiast Andrei Certan, about how he guides his photographic vision. Almost exclusively an analog medium photographer, Certan lets his inner sentiments drive how he composes and frames photos. Seeing the work he shared with me for this interview, I think his emotions definitely put him on the right track.

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Barney Smith Travels Around the World for Underwater Double Exposures

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“It’s something I would love to do more of, connecting film photographers from around the world”, says Barney Smith of the UK. He’s an underwater photographer with a self-confessed obsession for shooting film. Barney enjoys his photography more without the conveniences of a digital camera. It took him a while to learn the basics, but he never looked back once he got the hang of analog photography. Shooting film makes him slow down and think carefully about every possible variable before clicking the shutter on his Nikonos camera.

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How Fabrice Ducouret Does Double Exposures Without Photoshop

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My name is Fabrice Ducouret. I’m a French photographer living in California. I’ve been shooting film since I was a teenager and have a real passion for it. I’ve always found the process of shooting with film much more natural and in tune with my personality and interests than digital. I dabbled for a few years and then decided to become more serious and produced a lot of street photography. I was living in Paris, and there were many occasions to capture the life of this exceptional city. I used to use a lot of sub-miniature cameras, such as the Olympus Pen EE and the Minolta SLR 110.

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Carlos Ocando’s Double Exposures are a Love Letter to the Natural World

All images by Carlos Ocando. Used with permission.

“I guess I’m using photography as a meditative process, and when I look through the viewfinder, everything disappears…” explains Carlos Ocando. He adds, “it’s just me and nature without all the craziness around.” Ocando is a seasoned photographer with a strong portfolio. His double exposures caught our eye, where his images seem like a visual representation of his relationship with nature. In what he describes as a “life-changing” journey, we caught with Ocando to learn more about his story within photography.

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Louis Dazy Explains How He Gets Double Exposures In-Camera

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Photographer Louis Dazy always amazes me. He works with film and has done a whole lot involving the neon portrait trend. But Louis takes it further. You see, Louis is an actual creative with amazing amounts of foresight. He’s honed his craft and doesn’t Photoshop. Even better, he does it all with film. He gets asked how he does this often. And Louis was elated to tell the world in an interview with us.

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How Adrienne Catanese Does Double Exposures With No Photoshop

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My name is Adrienne Catanese, and I am a female emerging fine art photographer living and working in Long Island, NY. My current work is mostly conceptual still life created in my “studio” (read: tiny kitchen), but I also love shooting on-location portrait sessions, street photography, etc. 
I am primarily a digital photographer; my gear is minimal: one Canon 5D Mark III body, one Canon 24-105 f4 lens (L series, came with the MarkIII), a cheap Amazon tripod, cheap Amazon speedlights, cheap Amazon triggers. I have a Canon T6 Rebel and a nifty-fifty that I carry for back-up when shooting weddings / paid jobs. 

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Brandon Kidwell Shows His Mastery of In-Camera Double Exposure

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“I think the pandemic has stifled me emotionally,” photographer Brandon Kidwell tells us in an interview. “I’ve been trying to keep a sense of normal for myself and my family here, but it’s been a challenge when there isn’t a line between work/home and play anymore; it’s all blurred together.” Brandon created the Sawdust of our Youth in early 2019. But I can imagine that in time, his creativity will blossom even more. Brandon is one of those photographers who I look fondly at when I dive into the site’s archives. His work is stunning and so much of a technical masterpiece. What’s more, Brandon uses no Photoshop when he creates his personal double exposures. Now, more than ever was a great time to talk about those with him.

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Wes Eisenhauer’s Curious Double Exposures of the NASA Facility

If you’re into creative photography techniques, you might get some good ideas from some NASA Facility double exposures by Wes Eisenhauer.

We typically see double exposures being used to merge two different ideas or subjects into a surreal or eye-catching imagery. However, it’s not the only way to create something interesting through the creative technique. Wes Eisenhauer shows us how he used it to make a visual summary of how awesome his visit to a NASA facility turned out. If you’re looking for more ideas for your next double exposure project, this is certainly worth your interest.

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Film Photography Tutorial: Creating Stunning Galaxy Double Exposures

Whether you’re looking for something experimental to do on film or simply want to give your snaps the stellar treatment, this galaxy double exposures trick is worth a try!

Film photography is especially known for encouraging all sorts of creative experimentation, which eventually popularized techniques like double exposures during the digital age. The often cool results and happy accidents are among the things that encourage today’s generation to shoot film. If you’re yet to try double exposures on film or want to do something different with it, we’re sure this quick galaxy double exposures tutorial by United Kingdom-based Kate Hook is right up your alley.

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“Flora” Is an Upcoming Zine for Double Exposure Fans

If you’re into double exposure snaps and want some creative inspiration, you might want to support this zine project on floral doubles.

Double exposures may not be a recent invention in the photography world, but the last decade saw more and more photographers experimenting with it. We’ve seen this creative technique become popular for portraits juxtaposed with buildings, seascapes, foliage, and flowers. If you’re particularly interested in floral double exposures, we found a zine project you might want to support on Kickstarter.

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James Britt’s Inspiring Dedication to Double Exposures

All double exposures by James Britt. Used with permission. 

The Phoblographer has always had a soft spot for alternative methods of photography. We’ve championed many unique methods over the 10 years we’ve been running. That’s why we were super stoked when photographer, James Britt, contacted us about his fantastic double exposures. So much so, that we agreed to feature them on the site! Because if we’re excited by them, we’re confident you will be too – let’s check them out.

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Josep Fonti’s Clever Marketing Made Us Find His Film Double Exposures

All images by Josep Fonti. Used with permission.

We came across Josep Fonti’s work in a rather unorthodox fashion. To let you see behind the curtain (as they say), we often get sent work or find it through extensive research. But with Josep, we saw his photography on a laptop he had left open at a camera store in New York. Taking a quick look, we found ourselves saying, “This is some good work here.” We made contact, and Josep was thrilled to hear from us. This pleased us: we wanted to know more about his creative exposures. We needed to understand his relationship with New York and how it fueled his energy to create impactful photography. Let his marketing be a lesson to all photographers, because now we’re together and Josep is about to tell us about his thoughtful series, Numberless New York. Here we go!

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Kate Hook Shows Incredible Skill with Double Exposures on Film

All images by Kate Hook. Used with permission. 

“One big theme for me is ghosts because I have a lot of them, still living and not,” Photographer Kate Hooks explains. Kate is a name you have seen before on The Phoblographer. That’s with good reason as her film photography is some of the most creative and compelling we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with our readers. A lot has changed in Kate’s life since we last spoke to her in 2017, but one thing that has remained is the quality of her work. Back with a fresh batch of double exposures, Kate shares a series of work as eerie as it is pleasant. Intrigued by the theme, we dived deep into her creative world to see how life is going in 2019.

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These Double Exposures Inspire an Experimental Twist to Studio Portraits

Feeling stuck in your studio portrait photography? These double exposures should give you some ideas.

Once in a while, photographers hit a creative rut–and that can especially happen when shooting portraits in the studio. When that happens, trying out a new approach can shake us out of our creative stupor. Experimenting with double exposure is always a good exercise, whether you’re shooting with film or a digital camera. To give you some ideas, you might want to check out the work of Kiev-based graphic designer Victoria Ouarets.

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Gorgeous In-Camera Double Exposures by Luciano Meirelles

If you’ve never tried double exposures in-camera before, the beautiful work of Luciano Meirelles using a Canon DSLR should inspire you.

Some of you may be able to tell that double exposure is one of our favorite creative techniques for digital and film photography. When done right, it produces some really cool and interesting results, as you’ll see in our featured series by Brazilian wedding photographer Luciano Meirelles. If you’re curious about this technique, his body of work is an inspiring example of it’s creative possibilities.

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Double Exposure Blends Nordic Nature and Hong Kong in “Neonland”

Double exposure remains a powerful technique for creative portrait work, but Christoffer Relander shows us that it also works great for juxtaposing vastly different locations.

When it comes to creative photography techniques, double exposure (and even multiple exposures) remains a favorite of experimental photographers. As we’ve previously seen in the works of Christoffer Relander, it’s perfect for creating dreamy silhouette portraits whether in color or black and white. If you’re wondering what else can be done with this technique, the Finland-based fine art photographer has yet another impressive example; juxtaposing two locations that are immensely different from each other in every way.

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How to Get Creative with the Double Exposure Effect

Ever been curious about how to achieve the beautiful double exposure effect for your photos? Here’s a tutorial showing you three ways to do it.

Double exposure is among our favorite creative photography techniques, and we’re sure it’s also high on the list of many experimental photographers out there. We’ve featured a lot of projects that make great use of this technique, whether it’s done in camera or crafted in post-processing. If all that inspired you and got you wanting to learn how it’s done, we have just the video tutorial you need.

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This Cool Double Exposure Was Done In-Camera on a Mamiya RB67

Lead image by Danny Stewart. Used with permission.

If you’ve ever used many higher end medium format film cameras, one of the things that you always have to remember to do is advance the film unless you want a double exposure. Even then, sometimes it happens on accident. But in the case of Danny Stewart, this accident was a really cool one. Danny is a regular poster to R/Analog and shared this image with the subreddit. As you can tell, even if this was an accident, one would mistake it for a very intentional image with a message. It happened while Danny was working with his Mamiya RB67.

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These Stunning Double Exposure Portraits by Christoffer Relander Were Done in Camera

All images by Christoffer Relander. Used with Creative Commons permission.

While double (and even multiple) exposure photography is a technique often left to the experimental world of analog photography, it’s still possible to play around with it using digital cameras. Finland-based fine art photographer Christoffer Relander gives us a glimpse of the creative possibilities offered by this technique through his stunning series of double-exposed portraits taken using a Nikon D700.

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Film Photographers: Here’s Some Help with Shooting Double Exposures

In-camera double exposures are easy-peasy when shooting with film cameras

Feeling stuck in a dry spell with your creative projects? Time to shake things up and pick up a film camera. Whether you’re doing it for the first time ever or first time in a long time, the constraints of film will definitely get you thinking about your photos and squeeze creativity out of you. One of the ways film photographers (then and especially now) get creative is by doing double exposures — in camera. We’ve got some pretty interesting examples that will get you curious to try it out yourself!

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