Why the Fujifilm Natura S Is the Perfect, Care-Free Camera for Parties

My affinity with the Fujifilm Natura S has blossomed into carefree, truly fun shooting.

How many of you would buy a pink camera like the Fujifilm Natura S? If you wouldn’t then that’s fine, but it’s a great camera that forces the photographer to really put their trust in it. You’re not worried about apertures, shutter speeds, etc. There isn’t even an option to allow you to care about that. And at parties, the result is a purely fun experience that helps you keep your mind focused on having fun. That’s not at all to say that being serious about your photography can’t be fun, but we’re talking about a party. Think about what you think about when you do party photography and how many photographers are totally in their zone when shooting vs. also knowing how to enjoy what’s happening. And that’s why I think the Fujifilm Natura S beats any camera out there when it comes to party photography.

It’s Small, Pink, and Does Everything You Need

Well, it can come in other colors than pink if you want it to, but that’s the most fun color. I mean, who is going to take a pink camera seriously when you show up at a party? It’s pretty impossible to do that. Essentially you just point and shoot, and you’re bound to get a usable shot. Of any camera that I’ve used, I’ve gotten the most keepers from the Natura S. Part of that is due to the automatic nature. With a 24mm f1.8 lens on it and impeccable light metering for whatever scene you’re in, you can have 100% faith in this camera.

A Lack of Manual Controls Mean You Don’t Get Anxiety About Getting the Shot (And It’s Wide for Selfies!)

Have you ever sat there stumbling and wondering whether or not you’ll get the shot? Let’s be honest; you have. But with this camera, you’re just putting your trust in it. And it will pretty much never fail. What that translates into is something absolutely and totally about your mind. It means you can just go ahead and have fun: you know, be in the moment!

The Light Meter Is So Good That You Can’t Screw Up the Metering

Nuff said here. It’s difficult to screw up a shot. But what’s even crazier is that if you put ISO 1600 film in here, it will detect that and not use the flash at all. Unfortunately, you can’t override the film settings to be brighter or to shoot at a different ISO at all. But the camera will just always nail the shot. Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about.

That Little Bit of Flash

The Natura S has a powerful flash on it. But it’s always metered just right and never gives you a bad shot at all. Anyone that says on-camera flash is always bad is wrong. In most situations, they’re right. But with a flash like what the Natura S has, it’s pretty wonderful. This is in part due to the great light meter on the camera.

Picture Perfect Film Photography

With autofocus, a sharp lens, phenomenal metering, a small size that no one is bound to take seriously at all, and a little bit of flash, you’re almost always going to get the shot. And even if you don’t, no biggie. You’re going to get far more keepers than anything else. To be honest, the accuracy of the Natura S could just encourage you to shoot it just like digital and not worry about whether or not you got the shot.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.