This Bulletproof Coffee Campaign is a Fun Inspiration for Conceptual Photographers

Conceptual photographers in need of some ideas for a concept shoot will surely get inspired in this fun campaign.

Conceptual photography is all about bringing a certain idea or visual story to life. Sometimes, it’s a creative way for us to tickle the imagination. But it also proves useful for communicating a message to consumers, which is why it’s often a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. A perfect example for aspiring concept photographers is a light-hearted campaign photographed by Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson (Kremer Johnson) for Bulletproof Coffee.

Since 2017, Kremer and Johnson have been working on campaigns titled You, Only Better with Seattle-based Tether Agency for Bulletproof Coffee. The latest of these projects was released last year, once again featuring a deck of fun concepts as we can see from the stills and videos the duo allowed us to share here. If you’ve ever felt that coffee gives you a daily boost that goes leaps and bounds, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these concepts.

According to the photographers, the budget was tight for this project, as is often the case with most commercial projects today. So, they had to bid against two other photographers for the project and submit an estimate within the set budget. They also gave a detailed treatment outlining their approach to the job, and were awarded the project.

On the work involved itself, the photographers shared with us:

”With a couple weeks to produce the project, our producer, art department, wardrobe stylist and location manager went to work quickly, We received our casting specs quickly. Sitting through over 300 auditions took two long days of live casting in Los Angeles. From there, wardrobe started submitting looks for approval. We presented dozens of location options. Based on our budget, we ended up in Pasadena, CA. The tree-lined streets and crafts and style houses gave us the anywhere America look that speaks to a broad audience. Pasadena also gave us the ability shoot all three scenarios in just two locations. That saved time by not having to do full company moves more than once. The art department submitted options for props. After many conference calls, pre-production was finalized with approvals were signed. Production began.“

Technical troubleshooting is part of every project as big as this, especially when it comes to lighting setups. While their pre-light day worked out perfectly, they also ran into some unusable hard light situations. To remedy this, they rented a 20’x20’ scrim to block the sun, then created their own sun with a 5K. The results speak for themselves — clean and bright stills and videos that reflect the energetic mood of the campaign and Bulletproof Coffee itself.

Don’t forget to check out the Bulletproof Coffee 2019 Campaign to see all the work that went into the project, as well as the Kremer Johnson website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of their fun and impressive work.

Photos by Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson used with permission