Kremer Johnson Photography Duo Introduces Los Angeles in Portraits

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

It’s been a tried and tested way to document a place by photographing its people, which is why it remains a popular creative venture for photographers. The collaborative duo of Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson gives us a glimpse of Los Angeles by photographing random people making their way around the city for a set called Angelenos.

Evidently a reference to the demonym of its people, Angelenos is an ongoing personal project by the duo behind Kremer Johnson Photography. Here, they used one strobe for each portrait taken in Los Angeles, where they’re currently based. Instead of using busy streets or city scenes as the backdrop of their portraits (as we often see in street portraits and other similar projects), Kremer and Johnson set their subjects against calm and scenic backgrounds which works great to isolate and emphasize them.

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Kremer Johnson Photography Snaps Life on El Mirage’s Fast Lane

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

If you enjoyed browsing through the many faces that Kremer Johnson Photography photographed around Los Angeles, you’ll surely find their many other narrative portraits equally interesting. For today, let’s head out of their usual playground and revisit their portrait adventures in the central Mojave Desert.

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This Bulletproof Coffee Campaign is a Fun Inspiration for Conceptual Photographers

Conceptual photographers in need of some ideas for a concept shoot will surely get inspired in this fun campaign.

Conceptual photography is all about bringing a certain idea or visual story to life. Sometimes, it’s a creative way for us to tickle the imagination. But it also proves useful for communicating a message to consumers, which is why it’s often a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. A perfect example for aspiring concept photographers is a light-hearted campaign photographed by Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson (Kremer Johnson) for Bulletproof Coffee.

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These Photographers Made the Most of a Craigslist Ad Calling for Portrait Subjects

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

For budding photographers starting out with portraiture, finding models to practice with can be a challenge. Not all of us are blessed with good-looking friends or big funds to hire models from agencies. If you’re faced with this setback, today’s clever portrait project by Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson of Los Angeles-based Kremer Johnson Photography may inspire you.

Neil and Cory had a simple premise for their ongoing project, titled Craigslist Encounters. They ran a straightforward Craigslist advertisement looking for portrait subjects, keeping themselves open to “interesting people to photograph… all shapes races, genders and sizes are welcome.” Aside from providing a compensation of $20 per hour, they promised to come to their subjects at their convenience. The results provide a pretty interesting perspective to portrait photography.

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“Broken” is an Emotional Depiction of the Golden Years of Togetherness

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography and Jeff Whitlock. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

When couples are photographed we usually see them in their ecstatic, soon-to-tie-the-knot mode in engagement shoots, or in the euphoria of their wedding day. What usually happens in the golden years of marriage, however, is something we don’t really see documented in photos or snapshots. This is most likely the idea behind a recent collaborative work between Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson of Kremer Johnson Photography and digital artist Jeff Whitlock.

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Check Out the Impressive Winning Photos of the 2019 APA Awards

Get inspired by the winners of this year’s APA Awards, led by Best of Show winner Rebecca Moseman.

If you’re in need of some outstanding photography to inspire your own, we bring some of the best you’ll see this year from the American Photographic Artists. The leading national organization recently announced the deserving winners of this year’s APA National Awards, chosen by some of the most talented industry experts. The APA National Awards is an annual competition open to photographers from around the world of all levels, and is just one of the contests and exhibits held by the organization. This year, the APA Awards Committee gathered agency producers, art buyers, curators, and creative directors, consultants, photography directors, and other industry experts to judge the competition. They picked a total of 42 winners in 14 categories, with Rebecca Moseman bagging Best of Show. Her winning image (above) will grace the cover of the Awards book set to be printed by A&I Fine Art + Photography this fall.

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“Character Conceptual” Studies Imaginary People in Everyday Situations

Character Conceptual images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Need some inspiration for portrait photography or visual storytelling? If we were to sum up what makes the duo behind Kremson Johnson Photography worth following, it’s their knack for creating characters with unique stories to tell. A lot of their projects show this, but for those who are just discovering their works, we think their set called Character Conceptual makes a great primer.

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These “Dragster Driver” Portraits Make Them Look Like Super Heroes

All images by Benedict Redgrove and INK Studio. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Out of ideas for a photography project? Here’s one that should inspire you to make something brimming with out-of-the-box ideas and execution. Award-winning production studio INK collaborated with acclaimed commercial photographer Benedict Redgrove to create an edgy project titled Dragster Drivers. 

From the title alone, the London-based partnership seems like a collection of straightforward snaps of dragster drivers out in the tracks, behind the scenes, or dressed in their racing best. Maybe, it could even be somewhat like Kremer and Johnson Photography’s documentary portraits of the El Mirage racing scene. But, you’ll be surprised to know that, despite the human form and poses, there are no actual drivers in any of the Dragster Drivers photos.

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