The New IRIX 45mm F1.4 Offers Smooth Bokeh for Pentax Users, More

IRIX 45mm f1.4
Sigma may have bowed out of the Pentax K mount, but Pentaxians can look forward to the new IRIX 45mm f1.4 prime.

The list of lens manufacturers who still support the Pentax K mount may be slightly on the slim side, but IRIX is one of the few who still support the platform. The great news is that their lenses (thus far) have been seriously impressive, and IRIX has added a new lens to their line up today: the IRIX 45m f1.4. Not only will it come in all the usual flavors (Canon EF and Nikon F mounts), it will also be available to those rocking any K mount Pentax body. Click past the break to see if this is a lens you want to use on your Pentax K1 II or your Pentax KP.

According to the product announcement on the IRIX website, the new IRIX 45mm f1.4 prime lens will offer smooth bokeh in a classic focal length. Ever since IRIX released a cine based version of this lens, IRIX fans have been asking for a still version of this prime lens, and due to the overwhelming amount of requests, IRIX has delivered. The IRIX 45mm f1.4 Dragonfly will soon be available for still photographers everywhere.

IRIX 45mm f1.4

The IRIX 45mm f1.4 is shaping up to be another great lens from the company. So far, their 150mm f2.8 macro and ultra-wide 15mm options (15mm f2.4 FireFly and 15mm f2.4 Blackstone) have impressed us, so we are eager to see how this lens will perform. The new IRIX 45mm f1.4 will offer:

  • Smooth bokeh
  • Fast f1.4 aperture
  • Internal focusing
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Aperture control straight from the camera
  • In-camera focus indication support
  • Semi-automatic modes (PASM) support
  • All exposure parameters are saved in EXIF data
  • 50-degree field of view
  • Focus Lock ring
IRIX 45mm f1.4

According to IRIX, the 45mm f1.4 was designed to produce razor-sharp images even when wide open, and, thanks to the nine curved aperture blades, the lens can create some truly beautiful bokeh. The Dragonfly designation means the IRIX 45mm f1.4 will feature strong internal construction based on metal components, yet it will still be lightweight and have an anti-scratch finish. You’ll also find an anti-slip rubberized focusing ring with a special notch, engraved markings filled with UV reactive paint, superior dust and moisture protection, and come with a convenient hard case.

The 45mm f1.4 also features a Focus Lock, which will allow you to lock the focus ring in a specific position. This feature will be invaluable for landscape and astrophotographers and for those who practice repetitive shooting and want to keep a specific distance from the subject (i.e. in studio or on the street).

The IRIX 45mm f1.4 sounds like it will be a great lens for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Pentax K mount users. There’s no news in regard to a release date or pricing just yet, but if you would like more information about the lens, head to the official IRIX website.