Think the M4/3 Format Is Dead? We Disagree. In Fact, It Just Grew.

Cheaper lenses and accessories for the M4/3 platform could end up spurring sales of Olympus and Panasonic cameras.

It has been stated often over the last couple of years that the Micro Four Thirds platform is on its last legs, but some recent news shows just how wrong those statements could be. New reports say that both Venus Optics and Yongnuo will now officially support the platform going forward, and this can only mean good things for the M4/3 platform and those who use it. Let’s talk about this after the break.

A recent post on the Digital Photography School website shed some light on news that involves both Venus Optics, who makes Laowa branded lenses, and Yongnuo, who makes lenses and photography accessories. The report states that these companies have recently committed themselves to the M4/3 platform: in fact, Panasonic and Olympus both declared the news, so it is indeed official.

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Micro Four Thirds users have been able to buy several Laowa branded lenses for some time, but now it seems that Venus Optics has seen the true potential in the platform. With Olympus fully committed to the cause, and Panasonic seemingly feeling the same way, things are looking up for a platform that was declared dead by several YouTubers in the past.

Recent releases of cameras, like the Olympus E-M5 III and the E-M1 III, show that the platform is very much alive, and the fact that Olympus and Panasonic are continuing to manufacture high-quality lenses for the platform speaks volumes. So, what does the news about Venus Optics and Yongnuo mean for the M4/3 platform?


Hopefully, it means that Micro Four Thirds users will soon be able to get their hands on high-quality, affordable lenses and accessories. Both Olympus and Panasonic make some truly great glass, but their top of the line offerings come with truly great prices, while their more affordable lenses (while still great) are now a little long in the tooth.

Both Venus Optics and Yongnuo are known for creating affordable products, so this will be an excellent way for M4/3 owners to add to their collections without breaking the bank. These deals also show that there is still interest in the platform from third-party manufacturers, and that is good news for everyone. The hope is that support from Venus Optics and Yongnuo will spur growth of the M4/3 platform in 2020 and beyond. Do you shoot with Micro Four Thirds cameras? Are you excited about the new partnerships between Olympus, Panasonic, Venus Optics, and Yongnuo? Lets us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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