If It’s Real: The Canon RF 70-135mm F2 Would Be a Dream Lens

Canon could release seven new RF mount lenses in 2020, but the standout of the bunch would be the Canon RF 70-135mm f2.

News surrounding Canon has been coming in thick and fast over the last few weeks. First, we heard about the new Canon EOS R5, which was confirmed as being in development. And now, we understand that Canon might release no fewer than seven new RF mount lenses in the coming year. One of these lenses stands out more than the others: the potential Canon RF 70-135mm f2. Join us after the break for all the details.

According to a report on Canon Watch, Canon will bolster its RF mount lineup with some stellar options for all types of photographers. Some of these new lenses have already been confirmed, while others are only potential releases right now. The lenses confirmed are the RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 IS STM and the RF 100-500mm f4.5-7.1L IS USM, and then there are the two teleconverters (a 1.4x and a 2.0x) also confirmed as well.

Canon RF 70-135mm f2
The Canon RF 100-500 f4.5-7.1L IS USM has been confirmed

The Canon lenses that are still up in the air include an RF 10-24mm f4L, an RF 35mm f1.2L, an RF 50mm f1.8 Macro IS STM, an RF 85mm f1.8 IS STM, and the Canon RF 70-135mm f2. While it’s nice to see that Canon may have some more affordable f1.8 RF mount lenses in the works, the lens that caught our eye out of the ones listed is the Canon RF 70-135mm f2: talk about a dream lens for portrait photographers!

Canon RF 70-135mm f2
The Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM is a fantastic lens.

Portraits photographers everywhere have been using 70-200mm lenses like the RF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM for eons thanks to their versatility and the levels of compression they provide. The potential new RF 70-135mm f2 will offer photographers access to focal ranges that are considered the gold standard for portraits (specifically 85mm, 90mm, and 135mm). The fast f2 aperture should obliterate any background, too. (It will likely obliterate your bank account as well, but it would surely be worth it.)

2020 is definitely shaping up to be Canon’s year. The development of the high-megapixel, pro body EOS R5, the new confirmed lenses, and the beautiful lenses listed above potentially being in the works: Canon could really start turning some heads. What do you think about a potential Canon RF 70-135mm f2 lens? Are you looking forward to the prospect of some more affordable options hitting the shelves too? Lets us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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