The PiXLIGHT Speedlight Works With Any Camera, iOS and Android Too

If you have been looking for a Speedlight that can work with your smartphone and your regular camera, take a closer look at the PiXLIGHT.

There are has been a fair amount of innovation in the Speedlight and strobe markets recently, especially around lights that can be used with our trusty smartphones. PiXLIGHT has been working hard to bring their vision of a rechargeable, works with any camera or phone, off-camera flash to life as well, and so far, their Kickstarter campaign has far exceeded their expectations. Join us after the break for all the details.

The Kickstarter campaign for the PiXLIGHT has cone quite crazy. The project only had a goal of $10,000, but as of the time of writing this, the campaign has raised more than $136,000 from 345 backers, and there are still lots of time to go before the campaign ends. I’d say that’s pretty successful.

So what makes the PiXLIGHT different from other rechargeable Speedlights on the market? The big feature is that this light will work sync via a mobile app with both iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android devices too. Usually, the caveat with these lights is they will work with one or the other, but that’s not the case with the PiXLIGHT. Of course, the PiXLIGHT also works with any traditional camera (Mirrorless or DSLR) as long as you use the trigger/remote for it.


As you can see from the image above, the PiXLIGHT is a well spec’d light. You can expect roughly 400 full-power flashes from a single charge. The PiXLIGHT has a recycle time of approximately 2.5 seconds. The flash charges via USB-C, it has a modeling light, features HSS (high-speed sync), and it can sync with other PiXLIGHT flashes too. Along with the flash, you’re going to get the remote, a standard-sized umbrella, and a standard bag.


So how much does the PiXLIGHT cost? The basic tier will get you a Speedlight, a battery, the remote, an umbrella, and a bag for $249. Not bad when you consider that Profoto’s C1 flash for mobile devices costs $499. $549 will get two of everything in the first package mentioned, and $749 will get you 2 PiXLIGHT’s, six umbrellas, ten different light modifiers, a pro, and basic remote, three batteries, and a special bag. You can also grab a pack of 15 light modifiers for $300. If you would like more information about the PiXLIGHT head on over to their official Kickstarter page,

Brett Day

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