SNAP! Case for iPhone 11 Series Gets New Improvements

The latest Snap! Case comes with new features that make your iPhone 11 feel more like an actual camera.

Whether you prefer to take photos using your smartphone for now or simply want to get the full photographer experience, the latest edition of bitplay Inc.’s signature SNAP! Case should help do the trick. Newly designed, it now comes with two new features that turn the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max into the most camera-centric phones out there. If you’re keen on making your iPhone 11 feel a little bit more like an actual camera, looks like this is the case for you.

The new SNAP! Case boasts three important features; a patented shutter button that provides ergonomic comfort; a removable add-on grip that can be placed on the desired spot on the case for increased comfort and stability when shooting; and a high-protection yet lightweight design made with a flexible, rubber-like material that provides military-grade shock-resistance. The latest version of the case also comes with easily interchangeable backplates in new colors — Black, Sand, Green, and Yellow — which will allow users to customize their SNAP! Case to their style requirements.

Apart from the SNAP! Case, bitplay also offers the Premium HD Lens Collection to enhance the quality and effects of iPhone photography. These allow users to take advantage of a larger field of view compared to the iPhone’s ultra-wide mode, all the way to capturing the tiniest and most intricate details. Other bitplay product offerings that can be paired with the SNAP! Case include the SNAP! Grip, inSpire Tripod, neck straps, and wrist straps.

Interested in grabbing the SNAP! Case for your iPhone 11? It’s now available on Amazon and retails for $43.99. Head to to find out more about the case and other bitplay products.