If You Want a Leica, You had Better Get One Before a Nasty Price Hike

Thanks to the powers that be, imports from Germany are going to cost a lot more, and that includes Leica cameras.

We have some sad news to share with fans of Leica, and for anyone who was waiting for the new year to purchase a Leica camera or lens. The men and women in suits on Capitol Hill, who decided that a 25% import tax was necessary on products from Germany, will make your wallet cry a little louder in the new year. New Leica cameras and lenses that land on U.S shores after January 1st, 2020, will, unfortunately, be affected. Join us after the break to find out more about this news the camera market didn’t need.

A recent press release from Leica specialist, Tamarkin Camera, states that due to the new import tariffs of 25%, which will affect imports from Germany, Leica needs to take measures to ensure the company can absorb part of the cost. Many Leica cameras and lenses will see an increase in their price by roughly 10%, which means that Leica will absorb the other 15%.

Leica cameras

It is important to note that current stock on U.S shores will not be affected by the price increase, but starting on January 1st, 2020, a lot of Leica cameras and lenses which arrive here will see the increased prices. Tamarkin Camera is keen to point out, however, that the SL2Q2, and sport optics will not be affected, so at least that’s some good news. 

Thanks to the increase, the M10 will cost an extra $700 to $7,995, the M10-D will cost an additional $800, which will put it at $8,795, and the M10-P will also starting asking your wallet for $8,795. Some lenses will see a whopping increase of $1,300. Ouch!

We know owning a Leica is not for the faint of heart and slim of wallet, but these new prices are sure to hurt those who want to join the Leica fold. The news of the price increases is not a good way for the camera industry to start the new year. To see the entire list of cameras and lenses affected, go here

Brett Day

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