Our Favorite Camera Bags for Street Photographers and Photojournalism

The street photographer needs a compact bag that helps them retain as low key of a profile as possible.

When street photographers go for camera bags, they often reach for something that will last them years. These bags are sometimes converted standard Jansport offerings or others, but they’re not proper camera bags. A proper camera bag allows a photographer to section things off for quick access. It also provides protection from the elements. Best of all, it makes sure your gear doesn’t get tossed about. We went through our reviews index to find some of the best camera bags for street photographers.

This list was compiled to purposely hone in on three bags we think street photographers will like. As it is, we’re not sure there is a single backpack that caters to what street photographers need. And that’s pretty sad. So instead, you’re going to need very comfortable messenger bags: two of the bags we list are that style.

Billingham Rucksack 35

“It’s rugged but elegant in design and overall build. It’s simple and you can depend on the fact that it’s going to be super durable.”

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Buy Now: $399

Billingham Hadley Pro 2020

“One of my favorite features is the organization that it provides for photographers while remaining compact.”

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Tenba Cooper 13″ Slim Camera Bag

“…when it comes to a small messenger bag, I genuinely think Tenba has nailed it here.”

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Chris Gampat

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