Our Favorite Camera Bags for Street Photographers and Photojournalism

The street photographer needs a compact bag that helps them retain as low key of a profile as possible.

When street photographers go for camera bags, they often reach for something that will last them years. These bags are sometimes converted standard Jansport offerings or others, but they’re not proper camera bags. A proper camera bag allows a photographer to section things off for quick access. It also provides protection from the elements. Best of all, it makes sure your gear doesn’t get tossed about. We went through our reviews index to find some of the best camera bags for street photographers.

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Camera Bag Makers: Tripods Do Not Belong on the Side of Our Camera Bags

Please stop treating tripods like a piece of gear that isn’t necessary, camera bag makers.

What’s the point of a backpack as a camera bag? I want to hone in on this before I defend my idea as a photographer who tests arguably the most camera bags on the web. The purpose of a backpack as a camera bag is the same as the one you choose for everyday life: your back. Messenger bags and slings tend to throw off your back if they’re too heavy. As a professional photographer, you’re going to be carrying these with you everywhere. The smaller ones are fine, but if you need to carry a lot of gear then you’re most likely sporting a backpack.

Again, it’s because you want it to be better for your back when you want/need to carry a lot of gear.

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