Comparing Different Prime Lens Focal Lengths on Crop Sensor Cameras

Been wondering what the difference is between Full Frame and Crop Sensor? This quick comparison video by Julia Trotti has the answers. 

One of the main considerations photographers often have when switching cameras is the Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor debate. Some will immediately think the former is the best choice, no contest. Others have no problems with going for the crop option since it’s cheaper and the results are very good. However, the main concern on this matter is how focal lengths produce different results in both sensor sizes. In an earlier video, Julia Trotti demonstrates this by comparing several popular focal lengths in both Full Frame and Crop Sensor cameras.

For her lens comparison, Julia used the Canon 7D MKII, a crop sensor camera, and five prime lenses in popular focal lengths for portraits: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm. She had previously done the same comparison with a Full Frame camera, but many requested for her to compare Crop Sensor frames as well. Her approach was to have her model and herself stand on the same spot for each of the lenses, as well as include shots taken using a Full Frame Canon 5D MK III camera to demonstrate the crop difference. She also did the shoot in various portrait styles so we have more points of comparison for the results.

If you’re not yet familiar with sensor sizes, allow us to briefly explain both. Full Frame refers to the same sensor size as a frame of a 35mm film. A crop sensor, therefore, pertains to any sensor that is smaller than a Full Frame sensor. Both APS-C and Micro Four-Thirds fit in this category. Because of the crop factor, the focal lengths of crop sensor cameras show a tighter field of view compared to the Full Frame. This is why Julia also mentioned the Full Frame equivalent of the prime lenses she used on the crop frame camera.

Whether this is a deciding factor for your next camera of choice, or you are simply curious about the difference, hopefully the video was able to answer your questions!

Check out Julia Trotti’s YouTube channel for more of her photography tips and tutorials.