They Finally Did It! Full Frame Rangefinder Style! Sony a7c Review

The Sony a7c is the company’s first rangefinder-style camera with a full-frame sensor at heart.

I’m incredibly elated that Sony made a camera like the Sony a7c. The entire industry is lacking rangefinder-style cameras. Putting a full-frame sensor into one is the icing on the cake. Maybe it will mean other brands follow suit. Sony made a few sacrifices to create the Sony a7c. This is a real innovation that was proven long ago with the RX1 series. But this camera is different; you can swap the lenses out. The image stabilization isn’t up to par with the other Sony a7 camera bodies. And in some ways, I feel the autofocus isn’t either. You’re also missing a joystick. But otherwise, the Sony a7c has a whole lot going for it.

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The Panasonic S5 Has Something No Other Full Frame Camera Has

The Panasonic isn’t all just about video: there are some great features for photographers too.

You’ve seen the teasers for the new Panasonic S5, and you’ve heard the speculation. Now, we can tell you more about this smaller than Micro Four Thirds, Full Frame camera. Designed for hybrid creators, the Panasonic S5 meets the needs and desires for new ways of self-expression. Yes, that was Panasonic marketing talk. What does it all mean? Join us after the break to get a rundown of the specs. You’ll also hear about some new L mount lenses, and will be teased about a new GH series camera

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APS-C Cameras Win Big Over Full Frame Models in August

People talk about Full Frame cameras a lot, but APS-C cameras continue to outsell them according to our readers.

Lots of new cameras and lenses found new homes during August. Over the last several months, we’ve seen small sensor cameras outsell Full-Frame models by a large margin. This month, APS-C cameras have been most popular with our readers again, especially the Fujifilm variety. With the X-T3 coming in at just $999 right now, we expected nothing less. Prime lenses have also been popular with our readers during August. After the break, we’ve listed the ten most popular items with our readers.

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Are Sales Proving That Full Frame Is Beating Small Sensor Cameras?

What do all these full frame cameras entering the market mean for small sensor cameras?

Everyone can say that full frame cameras are good, and that smaller sensors don’t make much of a difference, but it seems like manufacturers have a different idea. They’re flooding the market with full frame cameras while there haven’t been many APS-C launches. With so many full frame cameras in the market, why would anyone necessarily go APS-C at the prices they’re at right now? Fujifilm is a welcome exception with the rendering of the X Trans sensor and its stunning lenses. But manufacturers probably see something different. Possibly, more and more people want full frame, so to make more money, why not put more out there? Indeed, there’s a lot of full frame cameras. And in our last episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we broke it all down.

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With No Fujifilm Full Frame Camera, Will They End Up Like Pentax?

Without a Fujifilm Full Frame camera, they’re almost in a position that Pentax was a few years ago.

Fujifilm is #4 when it comes to cameras right now. They do a fantastic job and we adore them here at the Phoblographer. But we’re also concerned about the camera industry as a whole. Ideally, we don’t want Fujifilm to go the way of Pentax. And we wonder if there’s a need for a Fujifilm Full Frame camera to ensure that this doesn’t happen. So, we decided to talk about it a bit on the latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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Dear Canon and Epson: Make a Full Frame Film Scanner That Tethers

Canon and Epson, who both still make film scanners, should be finding a way to actually improve them with a full frame film scanner. 

While the idea behind this may sound a bit extraneous, I don’t believe that it is. There’s been a trend for many years where photographers scan their film with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. It’s often easier, and you get more details, dynamic range, etc. So it’s been puzzling to me why no one has made a scanner with a full-frame sensor. Epson and Canon can both do it, but Canon is the one perhaps more inclined to be able to do so. The idea is a pretty simple one, but it should have been made years ago. However, it’s not too late if both Canon and Epson tried to do it.

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Affordable Full Frame Cameras: 6 Options for the Frugal Photographer

If you do a lot of low light work, and have a tight budget, check out these affordable Full Frame cameras.

Full Frame cameras are more popular than ever with hobbyists, enthusiasts, and of course, professionals. While prices of Full Frame cameras have come down a lot, the newest models can still be pretty pricey. If you want to get your hands on a Full Frame camera, but you don’t want to wipe out your bank account to get one, there are some wallet-friendly options out there. These cameras might have a few years on them now, but if you simply must have Full Frame, these affordable Full Frame cameras are the ones worth a closer look.

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Forget Full Frame, These Small Sensor Cameras Are Great for Pros Too

Fujifilm X-T4

Stop believing that you must own a full-frame camera to be a pro: it’s simply not true and these small sensor cameras prove it.

You can’t be a pro unless you use Full Frame! You can find this kind of toxic rhetoric all over the web, especially on YouTube, where many self proclaimed photography overlords live. The truth is, you don’t need a Full Frame camera if you want to take professional-looking images. Professional looking images come from the person who uses the camera as a tool, and not from the camera itself. Any photographer worth their salt can create greatness with any type of camera, even small sensor cameras. After the break, we will look at some small sensor cameras that aren’t only the best in their class, they are some of the best cameras on the market. Period!

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The Sony A7s III Might Have a Full Frame Sensor of at Least 34MP

The Sony a7s III is one of the most discussed Sony cameras ever, yet there has been no sign or any new news about it, until now.

Sony really shocked the photography and videography world with its a7s series of cameras. You can take the Sony a7s II and shoot at ISO 80,000 with hardly any problems. The a7s series was Sony innovating at its very best. The problem is that Sony’s faithful are now chomping at the bit for the Sony A7s III, and rightly so: it has now been five years since the a7s II hit the streets. In this time, the A6xxx line has seen a complete refresh, the A7r series is now on its 4th model, and surely the A7 series will soon hit number four too, so this begs the question; where is the Sony A7s III? Well, a recent interview has just shed some light on this highly anticipated camera. After the break, we will share what Sony has said, and what we think might be in store for the ‘all-new’ camera.

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If Real, a Sub $1,000 Full Frame Sony A5 Would Kill The Canon EOS RP

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Noises about an affordable Full Frame Sony a5 are getting louder: here’s what we’d like to see.

How does a sub $1,000 Full Frame camera from Sony sound to you? Does it sound like the camera of your dreams? If so, you might be interested to hear that Sony might be getting ready to announce such a camera within the next two weeks. Finally, something to get excited about, right? We’re sure most people would love to see what a camera like this would look like, as Sony will be dipping their toes into waters Canon has had to itself almost exclusively for years, and we’re sure Canon is looking over its shoulder. What could a potential Sony a5 look like, though? Will it have enough about it to take on the affordable Canon EOS RP? After the break, we will talk about what we would like to see in such a camera. Join us; it will be enlightening.

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Would You Go APS-C or a Cheap Full Frame Panasonic Lumix S Camera?

A cheaper Full Frame Panasonic Lumix S series camera paired up with L mount glass sounds mighty fine.

It’s fair to say that Panasonic has had a pretty rough time of things since they entered the Full Frame camera market. The Panasonic S1 and S1R are not bad cameras, but they have failed to capture the imagination of many photographers because of their price points. During a recent interview with Yosuke Yamane, Director of Imaging Business Division at Panasonic, Yamane told his interviewer that Panasonic wants to expand its product line with more affordable cameras. This statement covers Micro Four Thirds and also includes a possible entry-level Full Frame Panasonic Lumix S. Join us after the break to see why this excites us.

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Fujifilm Announces New Full Frame Downgrade Program for GF Cameras

Fujifilm GF Lenses could possibly be the sharpest things in front of full-frame sensors. 

For years now, Fujifilm has been saying they’d never go Full-Frame. And, well, they’re mostly sticking to their word. Today, the company announced that photographers who purchase the GFX with a lens can downgrade their cameras to a Full-Frame X Trans sensor for $200 more. The service works by filling out a service inquiry with the company’s repair service. From there, you mail the camera to their New Jersey-based facility where they’ll convert the sensor. In an interview, Fujifilm told us that customers should expect to receive their cameras back within 14 business days. But given how many photographers will want to jump on this, it could take even longer.

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8 Wallet-Friendly Full Frame Cameras for Photographers on a Budget

You can get some marvelous Full Frame cameras for under two grand these days.

Just a few years ago, Full Frame cameras were way out of reach for most photographers. Older DSLR’s like the Canon 5D series and the Nikon 8XX series were priced around $3,000 or more, and unless you wanted to settle for an entry-level, almost featureless Full Frame camera, you had to really save up those pennies. Today, things are slightly different. You can grab affordable Full Frame cameras full of features with the latest tech for under $2,000 (sometimes even less). In this roundup, we will share some of our favorite Full Frame cameras in this category.

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8 Non-Full Frame Cameras That Are A-OK for Professional Photographers

These APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras prove that non-full frame cameras are more than good enough for pro use.

Over the last few years, Full Frame has become a buzz term in the photography world. The sad thing is that there is a growing belief that if professional photographers use anything other than Full-Frame cameras, then they aren’t really a pro. That, my friends, is a bunch of nonsense. Professional photographers can get the best out of any camera regardless of sensor size. There are many non-Full Frame cameras on the market, specifically APS-C and Micro Four Thirds (and Medium Format, but that’s for another article) which are more than suitable for professional photographers and professional use. The non-Full Frame cameras we will share with you after the break prove you don’t need to have a Full-Frame camera to be a pro and get beautiful images.

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We’ve Finished a Big Update to Our Full Frame Sony E Mount Lens Guide

sony e mount 24mm GM

Our Full Frame Sony E Mount lens guide is one of the most comprehensive guides you’ll find online.

If you’re a Sony camera user, you know just how blessed you are when it comes to the number of lens choices you have. Sony has worked hard to build up it’s E Mount platform over the last few years. They have also worked diligently with third-party manufacturers like Zeiss, Rokinon, Tokina, and Tamron too. Sony has made it so that that their users have the most extensive selection of lenses available to them. Over the years, we too have worked hard on providing you with real-world reviews on these lenses so that you may make more informed purchasing decisions. We’re happy to say we have just completed a massive update to our Full Frame Sony E Mount lens guide. Head past the break for more details. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: Hyperfocal Distance Tables for Full Frame and APS-C Cameras

The hyperfocal distance lets you maximize depth of field to get nearby objects and distant horizons sharp. This photography cheat sheet and tutorial will show you how.

If you’re into landscape photography, one of the techniques you may have heard about is using hyperfocal distance to take full control of the depth of field. This technique is popular among landscape photographers as it allows you to keep as much of the scene in focus. Today’s photography cheat sheet and tutorial from Digital Camera World teach us how to maximize the depth of field using a handy hyperfocal distance table for both Full Frame cameras and APS-C cameras.

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Is Panasonic Feeling the Heat in the Full Frame Mirrorless Race?

Recent price drops on the S1 and S1R suggest Panasonic is struggling.

The Full Frame camera market (up until about five years ago) was dominated by Canon and Nikon. Sony decided they wanted a piece of the Full Frame cake and they came in and shook things up. Canon and Nikon are now lucky if they get some crumbs these days. It was a bit of a shock when Panasonic announced they were branching out from their Micro Four-Thirds ways with the Full Frame Mirrorless S1 and the beastly S1R. Nobody knew quite what to expect. The Panasonic cameras are pretty great. However, recent price drops suggest Panasonic can’t even get near to the cake, let alone have any crumbs. Continue reading…

5 Affordable Full Frame Cameras for Professional Photographers

A follow up was requested by a reader who told us that Full Frame cameras can be just as cheap as the APS-C cameras we mentioned in another roundup.

After a recent post about APS-C cameras that are used by professional photographers, we were contacted by a reader who wanted to point out that there are Full Frame cameras that can be picked up for around the same price as the most expensive APS-C cameras we listed. This is indeed true, but there are few to choose from. However, if Full Frame cameras are the ultimate goal for you, but you don’t want to shell out much more than $1,500, the Full Frame cameras in this roundup are worth checking out. We’ll take a look at five affordable Full Frame cameras after the break.

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Why the Tiny, Full Frame Sigma FP Could Be a Game Changer

The Sigma FP Full Frame Cameras

The Sigma FP is touted as being the world’s smallest Full Frame camera, and it comes packed with features that could be game-changing.

Just a few short weeks ago, Sigma announced that they were going to release an incredibly tiny Full Frame camera. While reactions to the news have been mixed, one thing for sure is that it will make waves once it hits the market. A new product holder page has appeared on Sigma’s website, and it sheds some light on what photographers and media creators can look forward to. Honestly, there are some cool features that may be game-changing; whether the features are for better or worse is up for debate. Continue reading…

First Impressions: Sony a7R IV (The 61MP Full Frame Beast)

The Sony a7R IV packs a brand new sensor that resolves a whopping 61 Megapixels.

Sony announced the brand new Sony a7R IV today in New York City and we got to spend some quick hands-on time with it during the press launch event. Slated to be released in September, the A7RIV features a new 61MP sensor, the largest currently available in a Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera, and Sony claims to have improved the weather sealing as well. They’re targeting it very much to the professional market, evident in the $3,500 price tag. Beyond this, the new Sony a7R IV has 567 autofocus points that cover 99.7% of the image area vertically and 74% horizontally.

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The Sony a7r IV Has a 61MP Full Frame Sensor (And There’s More)

The new Sony a7r IV is probably going to make you drool. 

Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo presented some of the company’s latest products for the Digital Imaging Division. Amongst those products is the new Sony a7r IV that includes features like a new 61MP full-frame sensor at heart. It has a whole lot of great features for professional photographers. At $3,500 it’s going to include things like upgraded weather sealing, wireless tethering capabilities, a ton of autofocus points, and much more.


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