This Compilation of Old Kodak Commercials Is a Trip Down Memory Lane

In the mood for some really retro photography stuff? It can’t get any more nostalgic than old ads like this compilation of Kodak camera and film commercials.

Part of the charm of vintage cameras is the nostalgia factor, and with how things are going with the continued film photography resurgence, it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Whether you see it more as a novelty or an interesting part of photography, this compilation of Kodak commercials from the 1950s – 1960s surely makes for a nice walk down memory lane.

Once in a while, we see some vintage camera posters and magazine ads and can’t help but think they just don’t make ads that way anymore (for better or worse). Well, these TV commercials will certainly amplify that feeling — it can’t get any more nostalgic! If you’re a vintage camera collector, a film photographer, or a photography history geek, we’re sure you’ll enjoy watching these Kodak commercials from decades past.

The first thing the compilation tells us is how far we’ve come with the technology of both still and movie cameras. Thankfully, we have these vintage cameras and ads tucked in the corners of the Internet to remind us every now and then. Also, it brings to our attention how color slides were considered the best of the best in color since color photography became available (despite these commercials being in black and white). Today, we’re swooning over megapixels, image stabilization, and other fancy features.

Another thing worth noting is how much times have changed. The video shows how Kodak, as a pioneer of photography, brought the use of roll film and home videos into the mainstream, effectively making the brand a household name. In today’s digital era, however, the photography market is dominated by the big three camera manufacturers: Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Still, Kodak remains one of the bastions of film photography, and an innovative company whose contributions to the craft cannot be discounted or forgotten.

We’re bringing more of these old school commercials into the spotlight, so stay tuned, vintage camera fans!


Screenshot image from the video