Some of the Best Camera Bags for Traveling Photographers Facing TSA

If you’re getting on a plane soon, you’re going to want one of these camera bags.

It’s always amazed us that there is no single, perfect camera bag, but there are camera bags that come close. Bags are especially important for photographers who are traveling. Converting a standard bag to a camera bag isn’t enough because of the different access points, padded dividers, and ergonomics necessary for photographers. More importantly, they need to have a degree of weather sealing and protection. You never know what sort of weather you’ll be getting into once you land. Our editors travel a lot, and so here are some of our favorite bags that we’ve tested while on the road.

Oliday Journeyman

I’ve taken the Oliday Journeyman in the rain, snow, hail, sleet, on the subways, in airplanes, into the desert; it’s been everywhere with me, and I always enjoy how durable it is.

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For the Photographer on the Road

Over the past few months, I decided to spend more money than a sane man should on thermoses to figure out which ones are best for photographers, and most importantly, which ones won’t leak all over your camera bag.

These Thermoses Won’t Leak All Over a Photographer’s Camera Bag

Tenba DNA 15 Backpack

They’re designed to give you even more comfort overall. There is a strap system that closes the backpack straps over your chest for extra security when you’re hiking, traveling, etc. It feels much more snug when it’s right against your body.

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Billingham Hadley Pro 2020

I have to call this the best messenger bag I’ve ever tested. It’s comfortable, lets you carry a ton of gear, is expandable, weather-sealed, and stylish.

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