Portrait Photographers Have Trusted This Software for Over a Decade

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For over a decade, PortraitPro has been popular with photographers looking to retouch their own images in-house. The easy to use interface makes it easy to customize nearly every part of your edit, making it ideal for everything from high-fashion to family portraits. PortraitPro 18 brought AI to the table, making for a significantly faster and more accurate editing experience. The latest offering, PortraitPro 19, was released in mid-October. So what can users expect from this new version?

More Realistic Skin Smoothing

One of PortraitPro’s leading features has always been its skin smoothing tools which let photographers remove blemishes easily. For PortraitPro 19, Anthropics released a whole new version of their trademarked ClearSkin technology. While the sliders are largely the same as previous versions, the results are radically different.

Older software could sometimes leave faces looking ‘waxy’ or overdone, the new technology does a much better job of preserving skin texture. This makes it a lot easier to find that sweet spot where your customer loves the way they look in the photos without going overboard.

And More…

Improved fix lighting, faster batch processing and more accurate lens correction are just some of the other features included in the new software. When added to PortraitPro’s existing suite of tools, this offers a hugely in-depth editing experience that’s still surprisingly easy to master.

Whether you’re an existing PortraitPro user or are totally new to retouching, PortraitPro 19 has a lot to offer. With three editions to choose from—as well as bundles that include Anthropics’ other products—there’s a package to suit everyone. The software is subscription-free and there’s a free trial available for download on the website.

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Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored blog post from Anthropics for Black Friday.